Public Works Projects

​The following is the list of current and future Public Works road projects. Click on the County Road name to see more information about the project. Active and completed projects reflect the current fiscal year which runs from October through September.
Project Description
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=85">CR 451</a></DIV>
From FM982 east to cul-de-sac

Set up complete - pending chip seal

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=34">CR 499</a></DIV>
From FM1377 west/north to CR466

sub grade complete- set up started 03/31/2017

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=92">CR 526</a></DIV>
From SH 121 west to FM2862

Set up complete-Pending chip seal 

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=96">CR 580</a></DIV>

FDR and chip seal surface SH 78 east to end of road.

​FDR and preliminary setup complete. 

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=143">CR 648</a></DIV>

​FDR and chip seal surface FM 547 west and north to beginning of the shared section with the City of Farmersville.

​FDR and initial setup in progress.

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=57">CR 677</a></DIV>
From FM1777 east to CR678

​Locates in progress

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=51">CR 946</a></DIV>
From FM455 north to end

sub grade complete - ready for flex base​

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=146">Lester Burt</a></DIV>

Reconstruction and chip seal surface​

​Reconstruction and preliminary setup complete

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=147">Mesquite Trail</a></DIV>

Reconstruction and chip seal surface​

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=23">Myrick Ln</a></DIV>
From CR 401 west to Bridgefarmer Rd.
1st course chip seal complete 
2nd course pending spring 2017
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=148">Wyoming Trail</a></DIV>

Reconstruction and chip seal surface​

Project Description
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=65">Court 1</a></DIV>
From Lynda Ln west to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=66">Court 2</a></DIV>
From Lynda Ln east to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=67">Court 3</a></DIV>
From Lynda Ln west to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=68">Court 4</a></DIV>
From Lynda Ln east to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=10">CR  50</a></DIV>
From CR 5 north to CR 51.
Checked ROW requirements to upgrade. Mutual Boundary road with Celina.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=11">CR  53</a></DIV>
From CR 51 east and north to existing concrete.
Checked ROW requirements to upgrade. Mutual Boundary road with Celina.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=13">CR 100</a></DIV>
From SH 289 east to CR 97.
Need to re-check ROW requirements on Celina's portion. Mutual Boundary Road with Celina.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=113">CR 1000</a></DIV>
From FM982 east to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=38">CR 1001</a></DIV>
From FM1827 north to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=39">CR 1004</a></DIV>
From CR669 east to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=114">CR 1006</a></DIV>
From CR201 west and south to existing asphalt.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=47">CR 102</a></DIV>
From Preston Rd east to CR132
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=115">CR 1026</a></DIV>
From CR657 west to private road Downey Trl
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=116">CR 1027</a></DIV>
From CR657 east to Twins Cemetery
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=117">CR 1028</a></DIV>
From CR1061 east to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=48">CR 103</a></DIV>
From CR105 east to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=118">CR 1030</a></DIV>
From CR669 west to end, no cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=119">CR 1035</a></DIV>
From US 380 south to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=120">CR 1038</a></DIV>
From FM1827 west to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=52">CR 1043</a></DIV>
Panther Creek Pkwy from SH289 west to RR tracks
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=49">CR 105</a></DIV>
From SH289 east to CR127
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=53">CR 1086</a></DIV>
From FM428 west to Denton County line
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=122">CR 1087</a></DIV>
SH 78 east to CR622
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=123">CR 1096</a></DIV>
From FM455 south to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=124">CR 1097</a></DIV>
From CR437 west to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=125">CR 1107</a></DIV>
From CR1006 south to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=54">CR 1117</a></DIV>
From CR53 north to CR55
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=126">CR 1201</a></DIV>
From CR1100 south to CR982
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=127">CR 1202</a></DIV>
From SH 160 east/north to Grayson county line
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=55">CR 1205</a></DIV>
From Baxter Well Rd north to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=128">CR 1217</a></DIV>
From FM2933 west to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=70">CR 164</a></DIV>
From CR1006 east/north to CR201
Need to schedule ROW clearing one section of ROW only.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=71">CR 203</a></DIV>
From FM543 north to CR204
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=72">CR 204</a></DIV>
From CR205 south/east to CR206
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=73">CR 227</a></DIV>
From CR206 south to CR226
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=74">CR 228</a></DIV>
From CR206 west to CR227
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=75">CR 229</a></DIV>
From FM543 north to CR226
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=43">CR 26</a></DIV>
From US hwy 380 south and east to SH289
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=76">CR 276</a></DIV>
From US75 north/east to CR277
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=77">CR 282</a></DIV>
From CR281 east to end and From CR277 west to end, No Bridge
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=78">CR 284</a></DIV>
From Hwy 75 west to CR286
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=79">CR 285</a></DIV>
CR210 south to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=16">CR 287</a></DIV>
From FM 455 west to CR 827.
Need to check ROW requirements to upgrade.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=17">CR 288</a></DIV>
From FM 455 east and north to CR 290.
Need to check right-of-way requirements to upgrade.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=80">CR 318</a></DIV>
From CR322 north to water plant
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=25">CR 362</a></DIV>
From CR 340 east to end of road.
Need to determine required right-of-way and get a cul-de-sac. Mutual Boundary Road with Melissa.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=26">CR 363</a></DIV>
From US 75 service road west to CR 277.
Need to determine required right-of-way to upgrade road.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=27">CR 364</a></DIV>
From U.S. Hwy. 75 Service Rd. east to existing asphalt.
Mutual Boundary Road with Melissa.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=28">CR 368</a></DIV>
From Hurricane Creek south to FM 455.
Need to determine required right-of-way to upgrade road. Mutual Boundary Rd. with Anna.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=29">CR 370</a></DIV>
From CR 369 west to U.S. Hwy.75 Service Rd. and from CR 368 east to U.S. Hwy. 75 Service Rd.
Need to determine required right-of-way to upgrade road. Mutual Boundary Rd. with Anna.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=81">CR 395</a></DIV>
From FM546 west to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=82">CR 396</a></DIV>
From FM546 east to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=30">CR 413</a></DIV>
From CR 415 west to the creek, and continuing south and west to existing asphalt.
Need to determine required right-of-way to upgrade road. Mutual Boundary Road with Melissa.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=83">CR 443</a></DIV>
From CR437 west to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=84">CR 449</a></DIV>
From FM982 east and north to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=56">CR 455</a></DIV>
From FM544 east to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=86">CR 463</a></DIV>
From existing asphalt south to bridge
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=21">CR 465</a></DIV>
From CR 466 north to existing asphalt.
Need additional required right-of-way on south end of road.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=88">CR 481</a></DIV>
From CR429 north to FM3133
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=89">CR 492</a></DIV>
From US Hwy 380 north to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=90">CR 493</a></DIV>
From FM1377 south to CR496

 Clearing Started 03-30-2017

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=91">CR 507</a></DIV>
From SH 121 south to FM455
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=44">CR 51</a></DIV>
From CR5, Frontier, north to FM428

On Hold. Possible annexation from city of  Celina

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=45">CR 54</a></DIV>
From FM428 north to CR8
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=93">CR 555</a></DIV>
From Hwy 78 to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=94">CR 569</a></DIV>
From FM2756 south to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=95">CR 570</a></DIV>
From FM2756 to asphalt

Tree letters mail.Staking  ROW in progress

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=97">CR 582</a></DIV>
SH 121 east to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=99">CR 631</a></DIV>
From CR671 west to CR632
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=58">CR 636</a></DIV>
From FM1777 west/north to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=59">CR 639</a></DIV>
From CR590 north/east to FM1777

​ROW staking in progress 03/31/2017

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=144">CR 643</a></DIV>

​FDR and chip seal surface.  FM 547 to FM 1771

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=145">CR 646</a></DIV>

FDR and chip seal surface.​

​From FM 547 to CR 645

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=100">CR 650</a></DIV>
From end of asphalt south to CR648
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=41">CR 7</a></DIV>
From CR50 west to CR6, Denton County
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=103">CR 729</a></DIV>
Lowry Crossing limits east to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=60">CR 733</a></DIV>
From existing asphalt east to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=37">CR 740</a></DIV>
From FM982 west to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=61">CR 746</a></DIV>
Hwy 205 Loop back to 205
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=50">CR 854</a></DIV>
Blackland Rd, from CR857 south to existing asphalt
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=109">CR 937</a></DIV>
FM455 south to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=62">CR 940</a></DIV>
From FM1777 east to end/creek
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=110">CR 973</a></DIV>
From CR671 west to end
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=63">CR 976</a></DIV>
From FM546 south to cul-de-sac
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=46">CR 98</a></DIV>
From FM455 south to existing asphalt
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=111">CR 982</a></DIV>
From FM981 west to gate
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=129">Miller St</a></DIV>
From CR1102 west to cul-de-sac
Project Description
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=12">CR  95</a></DIV>
From Business 289 east to SH 289 (Preston Rd.).
On Hold ------ ROW issues with several land owners.  Mutual Boundary Road with Celina.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=64">CR 1031</a></DIV>
2660' east of Hwy 66, then to Hunt County

​Sheduling to start 2017

Pending Hunt county approval

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=141">CR 1219</a></DIV>

​FDR and resurface between FM 982 and FM 982

Project currently on hold.

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=15">CR 277</a></DIV>
From Hwy. 75 Service Rd. north to CR 283.
On Hold ------- ROW issues with several landowners.   Mutual Boundary Rd. with Melissa.
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=98">CR 600</a></DIV>
From CR601 west/south to CR566

​Right-of-way issues ---- On Hold.

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=22">CR 672</a></DIV>
From CR 1100 north and west to CR 670.
On Hold ------ Right-of-way issues.  
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=101">CR 705</a></DIV>
From 668 south to end.

​On Hold ------- Right-of way issues.

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=102">CR 706</a></DIV>
FM 981 east to county line.

​On Hold ----- Right-of-way issues.

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=105">CR 815</a></DIV>
CR 567 north to end.

​On Hold ---- Right-of-way issues.

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=106">CR 827</a></DIV>
CR 285 east/south to end

​On Hold ---- Right-of-way issues.

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=107">CR 828</a></DIV>
FM 455 south to CR 827

​On Hold ----- Right-of-way issues.

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=42">CR 9</a></DIV>
From end of asphalt west to county line and south to CR8

​On Hold ------- Right-of-way issues.

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=108">CR 936</a></DIV>
From CR 579 north to SH 121

​On Hold ------- Right-of-way issues.

<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=112">CR 995</a></DIV>
From FM1827 west and north to end

​On Hold ----- Right-of-way issues.

Project Description
<DIV><a href="./pwworksdetails.aspx/?CCID=18">CR 289</a></DIV>
From CR 1101 north to existing cul-de-sac.

Set up complete