Election Day Polling Places

The Election Day polling places are selected by the subdivision calling the election. Collin County establishes the Election Day polling places for county, state, and federal elections.

Each school district, city, and water district establishes the Election Day polling locations for their elections. In order to save money, some City Councils and School Boards consolidate precincts into one polling place. For information about an election not listed here, contact the city secretary or school board office directly.

Regardless of the election, the Election Day polls are always open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voters' eligible to vote in the current election will be allowed to vote at any of the Vote Centers shown on the current Vote Center list.  Information on the link/s below will direct you to the Election Day locations in use. 

   March 6, 2018 Democratic and Republican Primary Elections - Election Day Vote Centers