Become a Business Partner



During a bioterrorism event or large scale public health emergency, Collin County faces a challenge in getting lifesaving medications to all of its residents. Businesses, organizations and other large organizations can partner with Collin County and create a closed point of dispensing or POD site to help protect their employees, contractors, and their families. Becoming a partner with Collin County will help your organization by minimizing business interruptions and maximizing business continuity. Closed PODs help by taking the strain off the network of open PODs which serve the general public. Other benefits include less anxiety, shorter waiting times, and a more convenient and familiar location for your employees during an emergency situation. The identity of closed POD sites are kept confidential and training is specific to each business and organization that chooses to partner with Collin County.


Steps to Becoming a Closed POD
  1. Call (972) 548-4473 for eligibility
  2. Sign a Memorandum of Understanding
  3. Create your Point of Dispensing Plan
  4. Your company is now a closed POD!


The Collin County Public Health Emergency Preparedness team will assist and support your company in becoming a closed POD. We will help develop your Point of Dispensing Plan, conduct trainings, and assist you in planning drills and exercises to test your POD.


Go to the Front of the Line

If there is a large public health or bioterrorism event in Collin County, our closed point of dispensing or POD program can get your business to the front of the medication treatment line. Government efforts to provide the public with mass prophylaxis in a crisis are inherently associated with long lines of people waiting to receive medical treatment. By partnering with us, your company has the opportunity to take care of your employees and their families at your facility.