Point of Dispensing (POD)

Point of Dispensing or POD sites are temporary large-scale clinics designed to rapidly administer medication to healthy individuals during a public health emergency. PODs are located in pre-identified facilities, typically schools or other large spaces, and may have to operate 24 hours a day for several days, depending on the emergency.

PODs are activated when the normal public health response system is unable to meet the needs of the emergency and will be staffed using volunteers, such as the Collin County Medical Reserve Corps. In addition to providing pills or vaccines, volunteers will be assigned to help fill out forms, give people directions, keep track of supplies, provide computer network support, assist with communications, and perform other support functions.

There are two types of PODs:

  • Open PODs are open to the general public and will be announced using multiple media resources.
  • Closed PODs are only open to specific groups. For example, large corporations, jails, or nursing homes may set up dispensing operations for the population they serve. If your organization is interested in becoming a closed POD, click here.