Medical Reserve Corps (MRC)

The Collin County Medical Reserve Corps is a community oriented and community service organization. Our mission is to help Collin County in the event of a public health emergency. We also work actively in our neighborhoods and communities throughout the year in a broad range of events and trainings.

Volunteer Now!

Complete the following two steps to volunteer. First, sign up with the Texas Disaster Volunteer Registry (TDVR). Next, complete the Collin County Medical Reserve Corps application.

 1.Sign Up with TDVR
After selecting the link above:

  • Select Register Now
  • Select Add Organizations
  • Find Collin County Organizations
  • Select the drop-down button next to Collin County Organizations
  • Select the check box next to Collin County Medical Reserve Corps
  • Press Select
  • Enter your information, availability and skills

 2.Download the MRC Application
Select the link above, then:

  • Fill out the MRC application
  • Drop off or mail the completed application to:
    Collin County Medical Reserve Corps
    825 North McDonald Street, Suite 130
    McKinney, TX 75069
  • Or, fax the completed application to: 972-548-5590

Disaster Task

In the event of a disaster, the MRC staffs 24 pre-identified point of dispensing or POD sites throughout Collin County. A POD site is a location where medications are given to the public. In an emergency, POD sites are activated, receive medication, and provide medicine to every person in the community within 48 hours of a nationally declared emergency.

Medical Reserve Corps Roles:
The MRC has positions for both medically and non-medically trained members. We need people like you for the following positions:

Clinic Supervisor
Drug Dispensing/Vaccine Leader
Medical Screener
Drug Dispensers/Vaccinators
Mental Health Worker/Crisis Counselor
Greeter/Triage Leader
Greeter/Triage Staff
Support Personnel
Facilities Manager
Administrative Supervisor
Documents Leader
Documents Technician
Patient Educator/Forms
Inventory Leader
Inventory Technician
Crowd Control
POD Site Director
Emergency Medical Support
Logistics Supervisor
Communication/IT Leader
Communication/IT Technician
Safety Officer
Safety Supervisor
Safety Staff
Community Events

The Collin County MRC prides itself on working with the community. View our News and Events page to learn more!

In the past we have participated in these community events:

  • Flu clinics
  • Health and emergency preparedness fairs
  • The Collin Classic Bike Race
  • Radio communication contests
  • The local Homeless Count
  • National Clear the Shelter Day
Training Opportunities

The Collin County MRC conducts regularly scheduled training classes such as MRC Orientation, Personal Disaster Preparedness Training, and FEMA IS 100 & 700. There are many additional training opportunities and disaster drills throughout the year. All courses are free to MRC members! Visit our News and Events page to see trainings and classes that will be held soon.

MRC Orientation - Allows new volunteers to meet each other and provides an overview of the MRC program, member roles and responsibilities, and additional training opportunities available. This is a required training for all new members.

Personal Disaster Preparedness - This course introduces the importance of personal preparedness and will teach you how to protect the health, safety, and overall well-being of yourself, your family, our team and the community.

FEMA ICS 100, 200, 700, and 800 - These courses cover the basic features of Incident Command and National Incident Management Systems used during emergencies. Visit the FEMA website or click the links below to take these courses online.

ICS 100

ICS 200

ICS 700

ICS 800

Weapons of Mass Destruction - This course provides awareness-level training to disaster responders on hazardous materials incidents. You must complete FEMA ICS 700 prior to taking this course. Click here to take this course online.

SNS Overview - This course is an introduction to the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS), including its origin, its control, and its availability for local responders. Click here to take this course online.

Mass Prophylaxis Awareness For Public Health Emergencies - This course provides awareness-level training on the roles and responsibilities of the local public health community and its partners. It includes information on state and federal resources and how they are used by local government. Click here to take this course online.


For additional information, please contact

MRC Coordinator


Additional MRC Resources

National Medical Reserve Corps Website