Message from the Sheriff

Sheriff Terry G. Box
Sheriff Terry G. Box

Dear Fellow Citizen,

As your sheriff, I am charged with the responsibility of enforcing the law in a fair and impartial manner to prevent and deter crime, and when that fails, to apprehend and detain those who are accused or convicted of violating the law. Enforcement of the law must be conducted within the statutory and judicial limitations of police authority. It must ensure the safety and well-being of the community while preserving the constitutional rights of all persons.

Operation of the sheriff's office and jail has become an increasingly difficult and complex task, due to rapid growth of Collin County's population and increasingly stringent state regulations. Where possible, we identify and implement alternative methods of enforcing laws and housing criminal offenders in order to make efficient use of public resources.

It is my hope that this web site will better your understanding of my responsibilities to this community and to the success of a system which affects all of our lives. I encourage you to learn more about the duties and functions of your Collin County Sheriff's Office and Detention Facility.

Terry G. Box, Sheriff​