Community Service Restitution

Many offenders are required by the Court to perform community service as a condition of supervision. Hours must be worked at non-profit agencies, excluding churches, and must be pre-approved by your supervision officer prior to the commencement of the community service hours. Some agencies have specific requirements related to the performance of community service work (i.e., attitude, age, gender, education, skills, nature of offense) which could preclude the performance of the hours at a selected agency. Your supervision officer will have that information available for you.

NOTE: Collin County CSCD does not accept any hours from an on-line community service agency or program.   

Community Service Coordinator:  Jane O'Brien, LCDC; CCJP
Phone Number:  972-548-3667

Departmental Group Projects

Monthly weekend projects are offered in conjunction with the City of Plano Code Enforcement Office and the City of McKinney. The facilitators of these group projects are code enforcement officers as well as supervision officers. These monthly projects allow those offenders who have 8am-5pm/Mon-Fri jobs to satisfy their requirements without interfering with their employment. Offenders are required to sign up for these projects through their supervision officer since space is limited.

Types of projects:

  • Mowing alleys
  • Trimming trees
  • Tearing down sheds
  • Helping the elderly and disabled bring their property into compliance
  • Mowing cemeteries

Special Event Projects

Frequently opportunities become available to earn community service credit for special events within the community. These events require pre-registration through the supervision officer. In most instances double hours credit will be given for participation in these events/projects. Collin County CSCD has partnered with the community for the following projects in the past:

  • Glad-bag-a-thon
  • Plano Santas
  • Allen Fireworks
  • Plano Balloon Festival
  • Plano Book Fair
  • Relay for Life
  • McKinney Kiwanas Triathalon

The CSCD community service program also has a recycling program for aluminum cans, with the profits aiding the Assistance Center of Collin County. This agency provides utilities, rent and other services to those in need in Collin County.

Collin County CSCD  offers  a specific community service opportunity for  individuals with disabilities/handicaps.   For further information please contact your supervision officer or the community service coordinator.


Collin County CSCD is proud to have received the following awards:

  • Outstanding Partnership Award Keep Plano Beautiful
  • Appreciation Award American Red Cross
  • City of Allen Appreciation Award
  • Outstanding Great American Cleanup
  • Assistance Center of Collin County Appreciation Award

On-going Projects

The following agencies provide an on-going schedule throughout the month for community service hours.

Collin County CSCD
When: 2nd Saturday of each Month
Dress Code:  Shoes or Boots; Shirts with sleeves
Notes: Sign up through your supervision officer
City of Allen
When: Varies
Where: 305 Century Parkway; 214-509-4200
Dress Code: Shoes or boots; pants worn at waist; shirts with sleeves; no holes in clothing
Notes: Will not take workers with following: Agg Assault with Deadly weapon, Sexually based offenses, or any offense against a child
City of Allen Parks & Recreation

Day shift: 6:30 am-3:30 pm (Double hours day shift only)
Night shift: 3:00p-11:00p

Where: 900 S. Greenville
Dress Code: Shoes or boots; pants worn at waist; shirts with sleeves; no holes in clothing
Notes: Will not take workers with following: Agg Assault with Deadly weapon, Sexually based offenses, or any offense against a child
City of McKinney
When: Varies
Notes: Contact Paul Sparkman at 972-547-7350.
City of Princeton Work Days
When: 1st Saturday of each Month
Dress Code: Shoes or Boots; Shirts; work pants
Notes: Contact Stephanie Bowman at 972-734-2416.
City of Princeton Community Park
When: M-F 8a-12Noon
Where: 500 W College, Princeton, TX
Dress Code: Shoes or Boots; Shirts; work pants
City of Farmersville Food Pantry
When: Thur 2:30-4:30
Notes: Contact 972-782-7310
City of Farmersville Recycle Center
When: Sat 8a-11a
Notes: Contact 972-782-7310
City of Plano Texas Pure Products
When: M-F 6:30am-4:30pm
Where: 3820 Sam Rayburn Highway, Melissa, TX
Notes: Contact 972-742-0413
Collin County Public Works
When: Monday-Saturday
Where: 700A Wilmeth Rd, McKinney, TX
Dress Code: Work shoes/boots, Gloves, Must bring Water
Notes: Call 972-548-3700 to schedule work times.
City of Wylie Park Maintenance
When: 7am-4pm
Dress Code: Long pants, work boots
Notes: Call 972-516-6371 to confirm assignment before arrival.
Myers Park & Event Center
When: M-F 8 am-12 Noon or 12:30pm-4:00pm (First come first serve basis)
Where: 7117 CR 166, McKinney, TX
Dress Code: Must have current ID; T-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes; weather appropriate
Notes: Will not take workers with following: Assault, Sexually based offenses, or attired in tank tops, shorts, sandals/flip-flops. If you are working with an attorney and/or wanting to perform community service hours, pre-sentence, paperwork from the Court describing the offense for which you are assigned community service hours is required.