County Projects

Below are compilations of transportation and building projects in which Collin County departments play a role. We've sorted these out in an effort to show residents what we do with various funds earmarked for county infrastructure programs.  

2003 and 2007 Transportation Bond Projects
This is a new application created by our Information Technology Department to make it easy for you to review road bond projects from past bond elections. You can search and sort through various projects that show the total amount budgeted for these projects by the county (Additional funds may be involved when our bond funds are used to match funds in city-county and county-state project partnerships). To get more detailed information, we have included the Bond Project Number in this app so you can contact our Engineering Department

Regional Toll Revenue Projects
Regional Toll Revenue funds come from an agreement with the North Texas Tollway Authority (NTTA) where, in exchange for the opportunity to construct, operate and maintain the 26-mile SH 121 toll road for 52 years, NTTA paid more than $3 billion to fund badly needed road projects across North Texas. The Regional Transportation Council (RTC) marked more than $900 million of these funds to be used for road projcts in Collin County alone. The projects listed here are the latest we have from the North Central Texas Council of Governments​.

Public Works Road Projects
Our Public Works Department si always working and planning on dozens of road projects on the county road system. The Public works folks have sorted their listings here as Active, Upcoming, On Hold and Completed for the current fiscal year (October through September).

Completed County Facility Construction Projects
Our Construction and Projects staff oversees building construction and renovation projects for county facilities, some of which have been funded through facilities bond electoins over the years. The list of their completed projects is posted here. 

Perryman Group Study: Economic Impact of Freeways in Collin County