Collin County Adventure Camp

During the late 1990s, Collin County leaders noticed a need for an outdoor educational facility for children. The population explosion had begun and the county was quickly becoming urban. The county noticed that children had few places to acquire the simple outdoor experience many adults take for granted. The Collin County Adventure Camp provides a place for Collin County's next generation to maintain a rapidly diminishing tie to nature that past generations have enjoyed.

The idea of a camp was placed on a referendum in which the residents of Collin County approved $26 million in bond funds to support construction of the facility. Soon thereafter, a camp advisory board was formed. Collin County also entered into a partnership with the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas to manage the camp.

From 2002 until 2006, this combined group of dedicated individuals worked with contractors and consultants to create the facility. The Collin County Adventure Camp is an example of Collin County’s commitment to children. Here, they learn the value of open space and education.

For current information about camp activities and curriculum, please visit the official YMCA Collin County Adventure Camp website at or call 214-667-5600.