Estray Livestock Notices & Auctions

Collin County Animal Services Hours are as follows:

9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Tuesday - Friday
12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m., Saturday and Sunday
Monday and Holidays, lost animal search by appointment only


The Estray Notices are posted on this website and at the Collin County Courthouse as required by State law.  The Estray Notice will be posted within 1-business day from the date the Estray arrives at our facility located at 4750 Community Blvd., McKinney, Texas.  The Notice will remain posted for 18-days before the Estray will be sold at auction. 
The owner of the Estray may recover possession of the Estray at any time before the Estray is sold at auction if:

  1. The owner has provided Collin County Animal Services (CCAS) with an affidavit of ownership;
  2. CCAS has approved the affidavit of ownership;
  3. The approved affidavit has been filed in the estray records of the county clerk;
  4. The owner pays CCAS all estray handling expenses;
  5. The owner has executed an affidavit of receipt of estray under this section and has delivered it to CCAS; and
  6. CCAS has filed the affidavit of receipt of estray in the estray records of the county clerk.

The Sale Notices are posted on this website and at the Collin County Courthouse as required by State Law.  If the Estray is not redeemed before the 18th day after the date of impoundment, CCAS has title to the Estray and shall cause the Estray to be sold at a sheriff's sale.  The sale will take place at the Collin County Animal Services Building at 4750 Community Blvd., McKinney, Texas.  The date and time of the sale will be posted on this site.  

Livestock for Sale---Not at Auction
CCAS will at times have livestock listed for sale on this site.  These animals are those that we are not required by law to sell at auction or animals that did not sell at the auction.  These animals will be sold to the individual that offers the best price.

We accept credit cards (non-refundable convenience charge of 2.30% or $1 minimum applied to transaction total) or cash only for livestock auctions and/or sales (checks are not accepted). 

<DIV><a href="./LivestockNotice.aspx/?CCID=407">805508-Goat found on CR 618</a></DIV>8/22/2019
<DIV><a href="./LivestockNotice.aspx/?CCID=405">805536-Pig found on CR 655</a></DIV>8/14/2019
<DIV><a href="./LivestockNotice.aspx/?CCID=397">802179 & 802187-2 pigs found on CR 697</a></DIV>8/6/2019
<DIV><a href="./LivestockNotice.aspx/?CCID=401">801067-Pig found on HWY 289 & CR 24</a></DIV>8/1/2019
<DIV><a href="./LivestockNotice.aspx/?CCID=403">800487-Horse found on FM 546</a></DIV>7/30/2019
<DIV><a href="./LivestockNotice.aspx/?CCID=399">797597, 797601 & 797604-3 pigs</a></DIV>7/15/2019
<DIV><a href="./LivestockNotice.aspx/?CCID=400">797597, 797601 & 797604- 3 pigs</a></DIV>8/24/2019
<DIV><a href="./LivestockNotice.aspx/?CCID=404">800487</a></DIV>8/24/2019
<DIV><a href="./LivestockNotice.aspx/?CCID=402">801067-Pig</a></DIV>8/24/2019
<DIV><a href="./LivestockNotice.aspx/?CCID=398">802179 & 802187-2 pigs</a></DIV>8/24/2019
<DIV><a href="./LivestockNotice.aspx/?CCID=406">805536-Pig</a></DIV>9/10/2019
<DIV><a href="./LivestockNotice.aspx/?CCID=408">805508-Goat</a></DIV>9/10/2019
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