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Redistricting for 2021

On Nov. 1, the County Commissioners Court adopted new precinct boundaries for the four (4) County Commissioner precincts and the four (4) precincts for the Justices of the Peace and County Constables. ​Below are materials used in the planning and formulations of any new boundaries to be decided. The adopted map is at the end of the list.

Please note: Some of these maps were working drafts, and did not meet the legal standard to be considered for adoption; they have been included to show all working versions used in the re-drawing of the precincts in question.
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Plan 1.pdfPlan 1
Plan 2.pdfPlan 2
Plan 3.pdfPlan 3
Plan 4.pdfPlan 4
Plan 5.pdfPlan 5
Plan 6.pdfPlan 6
Plan 7.pdfPlan 7
Plan 8.pdfPlan 8
Plan 9.pdfPlan 9
Plan 10.pdfPlan 10
Plan 11.pdfPlan 11
Plan 12.pdfPlan 12
Plan 13.pdfPlan 13
Plan 14.pdfPlan 14
Plan 15.pdfPlan 15
Plan 16.pdfPlan 16
Plan 17.pdfPlan 17
Plan 18.pdfPlan 18
Plan 19.pdfPlan 19
Plan 20.pdfPlan 20
Plan 21.pdfPlan 21
Plan 22.pdfPlan 22
Plan 23.pdfPlan 23
Plan 24.pdfPlan 24
Plan 26.pdfPlan 26
Adopted Commissioner Precincts.pdfAdopted Commissioner Precincts
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JPC Plan.pdfJPC Plan
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Precincts 2020 Population.xlsxPrecincts 2020 Population