​Holiday Closing: all county offices are closed Monday, May 30, for the Memorial Day holiday, and will re-open Tuesday, May 31. This includes parks offices, public works, courts and all other administrative offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do Sheriffs and Constables do Foreclosure Sales?
A. No, Foreclosures are non-judicial, the sales are usually conducted by a trustee appointed by the financial institution that holds the loan on the real property.

Q. Are all sales conducted by the Sheriff or Constables posted?
A. Yes, all sales are posted, most at the main courthouse in McKinney at 2100 Bloomdale Rd. They are also available online by visiting the Sheriff's Sales and Constable Sales pages.

Q. How many Constable's Offices are there in Collin County?
A. There are four Constable's Offices in Collin County. Precinct 1 serves the McKinney, Princeton area, Precinct 2 serves the Wylie, Farmersville area, Precinct 3 serves the Plano (east of Coit Road), Allen, Parker, Murphy area, and Precinct 4 serves the North Dallas, West Plano, Frisco, Celina and Prosper areas.

Q. If I have a question about which Constable's Office serves what areas of Collin County, whom can I contact so I can send my court documents to the correct Constable?
A. You may contact any of the Constable's Offices to be directed to the correct Constable Precinct.

Q. Do Constable's do "Civil Stand-bys"?
A. Constable Precinct 3 does not do "Civil Stand-bys" except as directed by a written order of the courts.

Q. Do Constable's perform law enforcement functions other than delivering/executing civil court orders?
A. Yes. Constable's are peace officers in the State of Texas and perform civil and criminal functions such as traffic enforcement, warrants for arrest, environmental enforcement and bailiff for the Justice of the Peace Courts.

Q. I am a landlord and I have a tenant that is not paying rent, how can I get them out of my rental property?
A. A landlord may evict a tenant who has not paid rent as it is due. Please contact an attorney, refer to the Texas Property Code or the Texas Rules of Civil Procedure or a local Justice of the Peace court for the eviction procedures.

Q. I sold my vehicle and the person I sold it to is not making payments as promised, how can I get my vehicle back?
A. Your best option is to consult an attorney about obtaining a written court order that orders a Sheriff or Constable to seize the vehicle and hold it in their custody until the court has a hearing and determines who whom the vehicle is to be released to.

Q. I am having a dispute with a neighbor, who can I turn to for help?
A. Depending on the nature of the dispute, it is advisable to contact an attorney. It may be a dispute that requires a civil law suit be filed so the courts can have a hearing and settle the dispute.

Q. I sold some property and the person I sold it to gave me a "Hot Check", where can I go to collect the "Hot Check"?
A. Please contact your local Justice of the Peace about their procedures and requirements for filing a criminal complaint to prosecute the person giving you the "Hot Check".

Q. What do I do if I get a door hanger or business card informing me that I have a warrant for my arrest?
A. Contact the within named deputy by telephone to get instructions on how to clear the warrant(s).

Q. What should I do if I get a letter informing me that I have a warrant for my arrest?
A. Contact the warrant division at 972-881-3072 to get additional information on the procedure to follow in clearing the warrant(s).

Q. Who can I call if I think that I have warrants through Collin County Constable Precinct 3?
A. Call 972-881-3072. Any of our clerks or deputies are able to assist in checking the Collin County computer system to determine if open warrants exist.