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Financial Transparency Project

​Welcome to the Collin County Auditor’s financial transparency online information center. This includes copies of the check registers, where you can view a listing of each check written by our county government to a vendor for the current fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, 2007. This effort is an ongoing movement for transparency and accountability by county government. The registers posted here exclude checks that might provide protected privacy information about an employee or a private citizen receiving county services. The registers will be updated after each Commissioners Court meeting.

For information on specific checks, please submit a written request using the Application for Information form. If a description of the purchase is all that is needed, there should be no cost. If you want a copy of the check and/or the detail, copy costs (.10/page) and labor costs ($15/hr.) may be incurred. You will be notified by e-mail as soon as possible of cost estimates and final costs if they apply. Please click on the Information Request Frequently Asked Questions if you have a question.

In addition to the check registers, the Auditor’s Office is providing year to date information in graphical format for the results of county operations. New graphs will be added in the future; quarterly statistical data about county operations will also be included. Please visit again to see the additions. Residents are encouraged to offer suggestions and examples of what types of financial information they would like to see posted on this website.

Utility consumption and costs are shown for electricity, water and gas used by the county since January 1, 2008.

A citizens’ newsletter for last fiscal year, as well as financial trends for the last five years, are provided.

Folder: Check RegistersCheck Registers
Folder: Payroll RegistersPayroll Registers
Folder: Procurement CardProcurement Card
Folder: FY 2013
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Application for Check Register Information_distributed.pdfApplication for Check Register Information_distributed
Information Request - Frequently Asked Questions.pdfInformation Request - Frequently Asked Questions
Folder: Monthly Interim ReportingMonthly Interim Reporting
Utility Costs FY2020.pdfUtility Costs FY2020
Utility Costs FY2019.pdfUtility Costs FY2019
Utility Costs FY2018.pdfUtility Costs FY2018
Utility Costs FY2017.pdfUtility Costs FY2017
Utility Costs FY2016.pdfUtility Costs FY2016
Utility Costs FY2015.pdfUtility Costs FY2015
Utility Costs FY2014.pdfUtility Costs FY2014
Utility Costs FY2013.pdfUtility Costs FY2013
Utility Costs FY2012.pdfUtility Costs FY2012
Utility Costs FY2011.pdfUtility Costs FY2011
Utility Costs FY2010.pdfUtility Costs FY2010
Utility Costs FY2009.pdfUtility Costs FY2009
Utility Costs FY2008.pdfUtility Costs FY2008
Folder: Fiscal Year 2011Fiscal Year 2011
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