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Unclaimed Property

The County Auditor’s Office works to return unclaimed money to the rightful owners. The unclaimed funds may be the result of a check being returned to the county as undeliverable or a check that has not been cashed after a certain period. Unclaimed money is money that has been abandoned by the owner for one or more years. Some examples of money that can become abandoned are:

  • Payroll checks
  • Vendor checks
  • Overpayments
  • Refund checks

Each year the County is to report to the Texas State Comptroller all personal property that is considered abandoned or unclaimed and that exceeds $100. This report is filed annually as of July 1 for balances as of the prior March 1. If the amount is less than $100, the money is kept by the county in a separate accounting fund. Amounts under $10 are not kept separate and are transferred to the General Fund each year.

The County Auditor administers the County Unclaimed Property Program. Property is turned over to the Auditor’s office annually when the owner's whereabouts are unknown and the property has been inactive on the books of the reporting agency or department after the appropriate abandonment period has expired.

There are specific procedures that we have to go through to ensure the money is delivered to the appropriate owner claiming the funds. Use the links below to go to the appropriate topic and to search the list to find out if you or your business may be owed money by the County.

List of Names

General Information

Documentation Required

Original Owner Claim Form

General Claim Form

Affidavit of Heirship

Business Claim Form

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