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Assumed Names: FAQ

Why do I have to register my business with the County Clerk?

Texas Business and Commerce Code Title 5 Chapter 71 requires all persons conducting business or providing professional services to file an Assumed Name Certificate in the County in which their business is located.

Where do I go to file my Assumed Name?

All Assumed Names must be filed in the County Clerk’s main office located in the Jack Hatchell Administration Building at 2300 Bloomdale Road, Suite 2106 in McKinney.

Can an Assumed Name search be conducted by phone?

Name searches cannot be conducted by phone.  You may conduct a name search when you visit our main office in McKinney or you may submit a written request by mail.  Written requests will incur a fee of $10.00 for each name searched.

Can I perform my own name search online?

Yes. Click Assumed Name Search.  Type the name of the business you want to use in the last name field and click search.

I conducted a search for the name I want to use and another business has already filed it; what do I do?

Unfortunately, you will have to choose another name.

Do I have to file locally if I am going to use the same name I incorporated under?

Yes. You are required to file your Assumed Name with the County Clerk whether or not you have filed with the Secretary of State.  For more information on state requirements please visit the Secretary of State’s Name Filing FAQs.

How long will my Assumed Name Certificate be good for?

An Assumed Name Certificate must include a stated term or duration not to exceed 10 years from date of filing.  Your certificate will expire at the end of the stated term or 10 years from the date of filing.

What information does an Assumed Name give?

An Assumed Name will list the name of the business, the name of the business owner(s), the business address and the owner(s) address.

If I have partners, does everybody have to file?

If you have partners in an unincorporated business, each person must be present to sign the Assumed Name document at the time of filing.

If I want to conduct business in multiple counties, can I file in just one?

You may conduct business in more than one county; however, if you want to protect your business name or if you open a location in another county, you must register your business name there as well.

Is there an age requirement for filing an Assumed Name?

No. Texas State law does not place a minimum age on filing an Assumed Name.  It is considered a record of the fact that the individual is conducting business under a specific name.

Where can I get additional information on opening a business?

You may contact the Economic Development Office, Small Business Division at 1-800-888-0511. This office offers free services to new and expanding businesses.

For more information or should you have any questions on filing an Assumed Name in Collin County, please contact us at or by calling 972-548-4185.