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Stacey Kemp, County Clerk
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Stacey Kemp
County Clerk

County Clerk- McKinney
Collin County Administration Building
2300 Bloomdale Rd., Suite 2106
McKinney, TX 75071
972-548-4153 or 972-548-4163 (McKinney)
972-424-1460 ext. 4153 or 4163 (Metro)

County Clerk - Plano
900 E. Park, Suite 140-A
Plano, Texas 75074

972-881-3025 (Plano)
972-424-1460 ext. 3025 (Metro)


                          Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday

General Information

All applications for certified copies of Birth and Death certificates which are mailed into the County Clerk's office must be signed in front of a notary public, per Health and Safety Code, Sec. 191.0031.

The following may apply for a Death Certificate:

You must be a qualified applicant in order to apply for a death certificate (a parent, including step, grandparent, sibling, adult child, spouse or informant named on the death certificate). Anyone else must have a signed (original) statement authorizing them (naming them) to pick up the death certificate. This statement must include a copy of your government issued ID. The person named in your request must present their original government issued ID also.

The following information is required:

  • Full name as it appears on death record.
  • Date and county of death.
  • Parents' names, including mother's maiden name.
  • Your relationship to person named on certificate.
  • Your mailing address.
  • Purpose of record.
  • In writing you will need to send a notarized application and a copy of your valid government issued ID.
  • In person you will need to provide your original valid government issued ID.
  • Cost per copy is $21.00, payable to the Collin County Clerk at one of the addresses above. Extra copies are $4.00 each.
  • Please do not send cash through the mail.
  • For more information call 972-548-4185 Metro 972-424-1460 ex. 1+4185.

The above information is required by Statute TAC 181.28. Death records are considered confidential information; therefore, all requirements must be met. If you are unable to meet the requirements, please contact the State Bureau of Vital Statistics in Austin. The toll-free phone number is (888) 963-7111. The fax number is (512) 458-7506.

Death records are not normally available in the County Clerk's Office for approximately two (2) weeks after date of death.

Death Records Prior to 1903 - Our office does not have any death records filed prior to 1903 nor are we aware of the existence of any Texas death certificates filed prior to 1903. For information on genealogical searches, contact the Genealogy Collection at the State Archives Library at 51-2463-5463. Or you may contact the County Clerk's office in the county where the death took place.

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