County Court at Law Clerks: Criminal

Stacey Kemp, County Clerk
Elected Official
Stacey Kemp
County Clerk

County Court at Law Clerks - Criminal
Russell A. Steindam Courts Building
2100 Bloomdale Road, Suite 12165
McKinney, TX 75071

Criminal: 972-548-6420 (McKinney) or
972-424-1460 ext. 6420 (Metro)

Fax: 972-548-6433

Hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., Monday - Friday

Our Mission

Our Mission is to efficiently, impartially and fairly manage all cases filed in the County Courts at Law. The jurisdiction is set by the state legislature. The County Courts at Law file all misdemeanor Class A & B criminal case, Class C appeals and Civil law suits with the jurisdictional limit of $500.00 to $200,000.00.

New! Criminal misdemeanor payments can be made online at: Criminal Online Payments 

Credit cards are accepted for: Criminal Filings Fees, Criminal Fines, Issuance and Court Cost.

NOTE: The County Court at Law Clerk's Office does not provide any forms. For additional information, please contact the Law Library. By Law, no member of the Law Library staff may give any patron legal advice.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Effective September 1, 2015, an administrative fee of 5%, not to exceed $50, will be deducted from all criminal cash bonds when they are released (CCP Art. 17.02; LGC 117.055).

Contact Information

County Court at Law

County Court at Law #1 - Criminal Clerk: 972-548-6441
County Court at Law #2 - Criminal Clerk: 972-548-6427
County Court at Law #3 - Criminal Clerk: 972-548-6428
County Court at Law #4 - Criminal Clerk: 972-548-6453
County Court at Law #5 - Criminal Clerk: 972-548-6429
County Court at Law #6 - Criminal Clerk: 972-548-6426
County Court at Law #7 - Criminal Clerk: 972-548-6443

Criminal Subpoenas: 972-548-6422 (McKinney), 972-424-1460 ext. 6422 (Metro)

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