Metro (Tornado) Safe Room Rebate Program

UPDATE: The North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) will be opening an online waitlist for the North Central Texas Safe Room Rebate Program (NCTRRP). The waitlist will be open to all 16 counties in the NCTCOG region. The county waitlists will open in alphabetical order, beginning with the metro counties over the weekend and the rural counties during the week to prevent an impact on the NCTCOG internet servers. The waitlist will launch on Friday, June 21, 2013 at 7pm with Collin County residents.

Collin County residents wishing to be placed on the waitlist will need to log on to after 7pm on June 21st and provide their name and address only, no additional documentation is required at this time. Those without Internet access may call the Emergency Preparedness department at NCTCOG at 817‐695‐9235 and leave a voicemail with their name, phone number and address, including county. All submissions, whether online or via phone, will be date and time stamped.

For additional information, please refer to the news release below:

June 19, 2013 Metro Safe Room Rebate Program News Release

MSRRP Program Overview

Individuals who are accepted into the program qualify to receive half the cost of construction for an individual safe room, up to $3,000. The Safe Room Rebates are funded with FEMA supplied mitigation grants administered by NCTCOG. NCTCOG will be applying for future funding to expand the program to all 16 counties in the NCTCOG region.

Applicants who wish to be on the waiting list for future funding and receive the reimbursement cannot build until they have received a notification that they have been selected for an award, and then they may proceed with selecting an National Storm Shelter Association (NSSA) or American Tornado Association (ATSA) certified vendor and installing a safe room.

For an overview of the program, refer to the links below:

Metro Safe Room Rebate Program Launch News Release

Metro Safe Room Rebate Program Overview

Floodplain Verification

In order to qualify, the applicant cannot be living or developing in a local or FEMA designated 100-year floodplain. Therefore, prior to applying the applicant must complete the Floodplain Verification Form and have it signed by the jurisdiction’s listed contact person or their designated official.

If you reside within a city limit, you must contact your city for floodplain verification and any possible permitting requirements.

If you reside in an unincorporated area of Collin County or in an ETJ (Extra Territorial Jurisdiction), you will need to fill out the Floodplain Verification Form and send to Jim Adams at before applying for the rebate.


Additional Information and Application Process

For more information and to apply for future funding of the Metro Safe Room Rebate Program, visit the the North Central Texas Council of Governments (NCTCOG) website at the following address: