Election Worker Recruitment

Qualifications: You must be a registered voter within Collin County. You should be eligible to vote in the particular subdivision's election. Example:

Workers for the City of Plano elections must reside within the City of Plano. However, during County or State elections, a registered voter in Farmersville can work at a polling place in Celina.

Pay: Most elections pay $14 per hour to the Presiding Judge, and $13 per hour to the Presiding Alternate Judge and $12 per hour to the Clerks. The Presiding Judge of the Precinct receives an additional $25 fee for pickup/delivery of the election supplies. Opportunities: Early Voting prior to each election and Election Day. Election worker training is available prior to the Election.

Please complete the appropriate pollworker application form (below) and email it to

PollWorker Application Form

Student Worker Application Form