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Early Voting and Election Day Rosters

September 29, 2020 Special Election

Early Voting and Election Day Rosters

Important Note: The Early Voting Rosters on this page will be posted no later than 10:00 a.m. daily to reflect the previous day’s information. These rosters are unofficial until the election is complete.

Users with IE: Right click the report name and "Save As" to obtain the xls version of the reports.

Early Voters for September 14 2020
Early Voters for September 15 2020
Early Voters for September 16 2020New
Early Voters for September 17 2020New
Totals by Site through September 17 2020New
Important Note: In accordance with Texas Election Code Section 87.121(h), the Early Voting by Mail roster includes only the names of those voters who have returned their voted ballot to the Elections Department.
Absentee Returns through September 15 2020
Absentee Returns through September 16 2020New
Absentee Returns through September 17 2020New
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