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Voter Registration Certificate

Why did I get a new Voter Registration Certificate in the mail and how do I use it to update my address?

A person must be registered at least 30 days before Election Day. There is not a "length of residence" requirement for voter registration eligibility. You are eligible to submit a voter registration application once you have established a residence address in the county. After you become registered, you will remain registered as long as you do not move or change your mailing address. If the Post Office or County 911 Department change your address, you must submit that address change to our office.

Pursuant to state law, new Voter Registration Certificates are mailed to all registered voters every two years. If any information contained on the certificate is incorrect, turn the certificate over, and write the correct information on the space provided. Return the corrected certificate to the address listed on the front of the certificate.

Common misunderstandings:

  1. In order to become registered when getting a driver's license, you must complete a voter registration application. Just getting a driver's license does not entitle you to vote.
  2. The voter registration list is not the only way to be called for jury duty. If you have a driver's license or DPS identification card, you are already eligible for jury duty.

If you move from one county to another, you must complete a new Voter Registration Application in your new county in order to become registered. Applications are generally available at Post Offices, libraries, and fire stations.