Retail Fireworks Permit Information

The office of the Collin County Fire Marshal requires all retail fireworks stands in unincorporated Collin County to have a Retail Fireworks Permit, issued by our office. This permit is an additional permit to that which is required by the State of Texas.

There is a $100 operational permit fee per stand.

New and Existing vendors must submit the required application, corresponding documents and the required fee for each stand for summer sales and for winter sales.

Once we have received all required materials, an initial inspection of the stand(s) will be conducted. After the initial inspection and prior to the sales period a final inspection will be conducted and a permit will be issued for the stand(s). This permit must be placed in a visible location.

Several random inspections may take place throughout the seasonal sales period at which time if violations are found, appropriate action will be taken to ensure compliance.

Our office will enforce the laws of the State of Texas in regards to fireworks stands. These laws have been created to protect both the employees of the stand and the general public.

Review the inspection checklist for more information.

Retail Fireworks Stand Permit Application