Retail Fireworks Permit Inspection List

Please use the following checklist as a guide to obtain a Collin County Retail Fireworks Stand Permit. These are some of the items we will check for upon inspection.

NOTE: "It is the responsibility of the supervisor to comply with the fireworks rules".


  • Sell/store fireworks <100’ from storage and dispensing of flammables or <300’ from above ground tanks.
  • Adequate off road parking provided.
  • NO SMOKING signs at least 4" letters, posted.
  • Trash or cardboard boxes within 10' of stand.
  • High grass/weeds within 10' of stand.
  • Suitable lock to prevent unauthorized entry when closed.
  • Electrical service installed in accordance to NEC & AHJ.


  • Egress clear.
  • Correct number of egress doors (>16' two doors).
  • Egress doors open outward and unlocked when stand opened.
  • At least one 2A10BC extinguisher shall be provided.


  • Main disconnect.
  • Drop cords and extension cords being used.
  • Electrical installation in accordance with NEC and AHJ.
  • Heat or light source with open flames.
  • Current "Green Tag" (see Development Services for information).


  • Permit for each retail stand not connected.
  • Operator at least 18YOA on duty.
  • Smoking inside or within 10' of stand.
  • Operator consuming or under influence of alcohol.
  • No fireworks sold or offered to children under 16YOA.


  • Generator at least 10' from stand.
  • High grass, weeds, trash near generator.
  • 6 BC extinguisher on site for generator.


  • Selling from single/multifamily structure.
  • Selling fireworks from tent or motor vehicle.


  • Sell illegal fireworks e.g. bottle rockets, M-80's.
  • Fireworks do not conform to USCPS Labeling.
  • No fireworks being discharged within 300 feet from fireworks stand.
  • At least one sign that reads as follows, with 4 inch letters on a contrasting background, shall be conspicuously posted on the exterior of each side of the fireworks stand: NO FIREWORKS DISCHARGED WITHIN 300 FEET.
  • Displayed fireworks within reach of customer.