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Summer Safety

Summer can be a lot of fun. Most of us spend a great deal of time outdoors doing yard work and barbecuing. We also take vacations and go camping. While having all of this fun, remember to practice fire safety so that your summer memories stay happy.

Hotel Fire Safety Tips

  • When staying at a hotel, familiarize yourself and your family with the emergency exits. Most hotels have a map on the back of the door that you should read and share with your family.
  • If there is a fire in the hotel never get on an elevator. Take the stairs. Stay low to the ground and close to the wall in the hall.
  • When you get to the stairs, proceed down and hold on to the rail. This will help if others behind you begin to panic and start pushing.
  • Pack a flashlight. You never know.


  • Let an engine cool down before refueling
  • Store gasoline in an approved a safety can and in an outdoor shed. Never store gasoline in your house


  • Don't wear long sleeves when cooking
  • Make sure the barbecue is completely out before leaving
  • Turn off the gas supply when not being used


  • Build your fire downwind from your camp site
  • Purchase a tent that is flame retardant
  • Only use flashlights when inside a tent. Never use an open flame


  • If you are or have a smoker in the house, provide a lot of large ashtrays and empty them often
  • Don't smoke in bed
  • Make sure you have smoke detectors on every level of your house