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Juvenile Fire Setters

Understanding why children set fires is the beginning to understanding firesetting behavior. Parental involvement and activism is key to getting help to children and possibly saving not only property and lives but also the intervention of a firesetter at a young age may stave off a future of adult firesetting tendancies.

Interesting Facts

Curiosity Firesetters usually are 2-7 years old who find fire facinating and begin to play with it to find out how it feels, how it burns and what it does. At this age they usually do not understand how dangerous fire is.

Though curiosity is normal, parents and others need to take it very seriously when they discover that a child is playing with fire.

Problem Firesetters can be very young but are usually around the ages of 5-17 years old. These children usually light fires because of emotional or mental problems rather than out of curiosity. Their problems may be minor or severe. Chronic behaviors such as cruelty to animals, extreme mood changes, bad relationships with other children are some traits data on juvenile firesetters has revealed.

What Can You Do?

  • Teach your children about fire and fire safety
  • Control your child's access to fire