Wildfire & Winds

Wildfires can begin and spread quickly. In dry conditions where wind is present fires can get out of control even quicker.

In Collin County we monitor the Keech Bryon Drought Index (KBDI) level. The KBDI (Keech Bryon Drought Index) is a way the Texas Forest Service measures drought conditions throughout Texas. When the drought index reaches over 500 and there is no significant rainfall in sight, Collin County will issue a burn ban for unincorporated Collin County. Regardless of whether or not a person has a valid burning permit, during a burn ban all outdoor burning under the permit is no longer permitted. The Collin County Judge issues a 90 day ban. If significant rains begin and the KBDI level drops during the 90-day period, the Fire Marshal can lift the ban. For further information, you may contact our office. Permit holders who burn during a burn ban will have their permits revoked.

  • If a wildfire breaks out in your area, stay close to TV and or radio to receive updates or evacuation instructions. Follow any instructions given by local officials.
  • As the fire nears, be prepared to evacuate family members and pets when instructed to do so.
  • You may want to gather pets into one location or room, back your vehicle into your drive or garage, keep the windows rolled up and the keys in the ignition, but do not lock the doors. This can optimize your evacuation time.
  • Close windows, doors and vents to your house.
  • Open the fireplace damper and close the screens.
  • Move flammable furniture and items to center of the house away from windows and doors.
  • Leave sprinklers on roof if possible.
  • Seal attic and ground vents with plywood.
  • Turn off any propane tanks.
  • Move flammable outdoor furniture inside or far away from the house.
  • Waterproof all valuables and put them in a pool if you have one.
  • Wet shrubs and roof.
  • If you are caught in the middle of a wild land fire, get down low in a pond or body of water and cover your head.
  • If you are not near any water, look for a large clearing or rock pile.
  • If you are near water wet your clothes and lay flat, if not cover yourself in dirt and lay flat.
  • Breath only the air closest to the ground and if possible through a wet cloth.
  • Do not return to you home until authorized by local officials to do so.
  • Take care when walking on smoldering materials.
  • Do not enter damaged buildings until officials inspect them.