Floods and Flash floods are the most common of all natural hazards and have cause billions of dollars worth of damage in the last few years. They are also the #1 weather-related killer.

There are three categories of floods. The first is a flood  from the overflow of a river or lake over a period of time. The second is a flash flood, caused by quick rising water in a short period of time. The third type of flood is coastal flooding, where water rises along a coast line, caused by high winds pushing water in from an ocean or bay. In Collin County, we are most likely to deal with flash floods.

What To Do

It is very important that you make wise decisions during a flash flood. Water is very, very powerful and in an instant it can cause catastrophic consequences.

  • Listen to TV and radio to keep updated on the situation
  • Get to higher ground immediately
  • If you are walking, do not go into flood waters, seek higher ground immediately
  • Keep children and pets away from rising water, storm drains and sewers
  • Never drive your car through water

If Evacuated

  • Turn off all utilities
  • Take your disaster supplies kit and extra blankets
  • Lock your house when you leave
  • Follow evacuation directions from local authorities.  Do not take short cuts.


  • Help those who are injured
  • Look for snakes and other animals that may have gotten into your home
  • Use flashlights
  • Watch for hazards including fire hazards
  • Wear protective clothing, sturdy shoes and gloves when cleaning up

Remember: Never drive through possibly high waters. We have all seen the film and pictures of people who "thought they could make it." Take an alternate route and "make it".