Map Data Download

A variety of map layers are available for download by clicking the links below. These layers are in ESRI's shapefile format so ESRI mapping software will be needed to use or view these layers. For an interactive map containing much of the information reference below, view the GIS Interactive Map online application.

Airports (31 KB Zip File)

Cemeteries (17 KB Zip File)

Cities (1 MB Zip File)

Collin County (6 KB Zip File)

ETJs (554 KB Zip File)

Flood Plain (29 MB Zip File)

Lakes (165 KB Zip File)

OuterLoop (24 KB Zip File)

Parks (95 KB Zip File)

Polling Sites (28 KB Zip File)

Precincts (723 KB Zip File)

Railroads (21 KB Zip File)

Roads (15.0 MB Zip File)

Streams (4.29 MB Zip File)

Thoroughfare Plan (1.29 MB Zip File)

Zip Codes​ (385 KB Zip File)

A variety of maps in the PDF format are available online. Hardcopies of these maps can also be purchased from the Engineering department.