General Announcements

Notices posted here are from county and other local, state and federal government agencies, including boards, commissions and business sources announcing public meetings, policy changes, or other notices that may not require official public notice through the Collin County Clerk's office, but may be very useful to our communities. We have a separate page for Commissioners Court agendas.
<DIV><a href="./AnnouncementDetails.aspx/?CCID=87">Regional Healthcare Partnership 18 Texas 1115 Medicaid Waiver Plan Update Summary for Demonstration Years 9 and 10 (10/1/2019-9/30/2021)</a></DIV>1/1/2020
<DIV><a href="./AnnouncementDetails.aspx/?CCID=88">Low-interest emergency disaster loans from drought</a></DIV>1/1/2020
<DIV><a href="./AnnouncementDetails.aspx/?CCID=89">McKinney Flats & housing tax credit application</a></DIV>1/2/2020
<DIV><a href="./AnnouncementDetails.aspx/?CCID=90">TPDES permit for municipal wastewater</a></DIV>1/2/2020
<DIV><a href="./AnnouncementDetails.aspx/?CCID=86">FCC Informational Notice of Section 106 Filings</a></DIV>1/3/2020
<DIV><a href="./AnnouncementDetails.aspx/?CCID=91">Notice of Application and Preliminary Decision for Municipal Solid Waste Permit Amendment</a></DIV>1/3/2020