Next Scheduled Meeting
Feb. 27, 2020; 7 p.m.
7304 Alma Dr.,
Plano, TX

LifePath Systems

​To provide countywide, comprehensive mental health and mental retardation services and programs to citizens of the county through cooperative efforts of the Texas Department of Human Services. Members must have expertise in health related fields. Collin County M.H.M.R. Center exists for the purpose of offering services to restore, improve, and maintain an optimum level of functioning and quality of life for county residents who are mentally ill/retarded.

Meets fourth Thursday each month, 7 p.m. Alternates: The Alma Center, Plano; McKinney MHMR Administrative Offices; and MR Services, Allen.

Please NOTE: This page is for the advisory board only; for MHMR services provided through LifePath, go to this link.


Advisory Board Members

The following is the list of the members currently serving on the LifePath Systems Board.

Member Name Term Expiration
Ronald F. "Rick" Crawford, Jr. 12/31/19
Matt Duncan 12/31/19
Melvin Thathian
Anthony Henderson
​Anne Bramlett
Dona Watson12/31/19
​Doug Kowalski​12/31/20
​Ernest Myers​12/31/19
​Diann Gregg
Exec. Asst.​
J. Randy Routon, Ph.D​CEO
LifePath Agenda 02272020.pdfLifePath Agenda 02272020New2/27/2020
LifePath Agenda 12032019.pdfLifePath Agenda 1203201912/3/2019
LifePath Agenda 11192019.pdfLifePath Agenda 1119201911/19/2019
LifePath Agenda 10242019.pdfLifePath Agenda 1024201910/24/2019
LifePath Agenda 09242019.pdfLifePath Agenda 092420199/24/2019
LifePath Agenda 08202019.pdfLifePath Agenda 082020198/20/2019
LifePath Agenda 07252019.pdfLifePath Agenda 072520197/25/2019
LifePath Agenda 06272019.pdfLifePath Agenda 062720196/27/2019
LifePath Agenda 05232019.pdfLifePath Agenda 052320195/23/2019
LifePath Minutes 04252019.pdfLifePath Minutes 042520194/25/2019
LifePath Agenda 04192019.pdfLifePath Agenda 041920194/19/2019
LifePath Minutes 03292019.pdfLifePath Minutes 032920193/29/2019
LifePath Agenda 03282019.pdfLifePath Agenda 032820193/28/2019
LifePath Minutes 02282019.pdfLifePath Minutes 022820192/28/2019
LifePath Agenda 02282019.pdfLifePath Agenda 022820192/28/2019
LifePath Minutes 01242019.pdfLifePath Minutes 012420191/24/2019
LifePath Minutes 03232017.pdfLifePath Minutes 032320173/23/2017
LifePath Agenda 03232017.pdfLifePath Agenda 032320173/23/2017
LifePath Minutes 02232017.pdfLifePath Minutes 022320172/23/2017
LifePath Agenda 02232017.pdfLifePath Agenda 022320172/23/2017
LifePath Minutes 01262017.pdfLifePath Minutes 012620171/26/2017
LifePath Agenda 01262017.pdfLifePath Agenda 012620171/26/2017
LifePath Minutes 12062016.pdfLifePath Minutes 1206201612/6/2016
LifePath Agenda 12062016.pdfLifePath Agenda 1206201612/6/2016
LifePath Minutes 11152016.pdfLifePath Minutes 1115201611/15/2016
LifePath Agenda 11152016.pdfLifePath Agenda 1115201611/15/2016
LifePath Agenda 10202016.pdfLifePath Agenda 1020201610/20/2016
LifePath Minutes 10202016.pdfLifePath Minutes 1020201610/20/2016
LifePath Agenda 09222016.pdfLifePath Agenda 092220169/22/2016
LifePath Minutes 09222016.pdfLifePath Minutes 092220169/22/2016
LifePath Agenda 08252016.pdfLifePath Agenda 082520168/25/2016
LifePath Minutes 08252016.pdfLifePath Minutes 082520168/25/2016
LifePath Agenda 07282016.pdfLifePath Agenda 072820167/28/2016
LifePath Minutes 07282016.pdfLifePath Minutes 072820167/28/2016
LifePath Minutes 06302016.pdfLifePath Minutes 063020166/30/2016
LifePath Agenda 06302016.pdfLifePath Agenda 063020166/30/2016
LifePath Agenda 05262016.pdfLifePath Agenda 052620165/26/2016
LifePath Minutes 05252016.pdfLifePath Minutes 052520165/25/2016
LifePath Minutes 04282016.pdfLifePath Minutes 042820164/28/2016
LifePath Agenda 04282016.pdfLifePath Agenda 042820164/28/2016
LifePath Agenda 03312016.pdfLifePath Agenda 033120163/31/2016
LifePath Minutes 03312016.pdfLifePath Minutes 033120163/31/2016
LifePath Agenda 02252016.pdfLifePath Agenda 022520162/25/2016
LifePath Minutes 02252016.pdfLifePath Minutes 022520162/25/2016
LifePath Agenda 01282016.pdfLifePath Agenda 012820161/28/2016
LifePath Minutes 01282016.pdfLifePath Minutes 012820161/28/2016
LifePath Agenda 12312015.pdfLifePath Agenda 1231201512/31/2015
LifePath Minutes 12312015.pdfLifePath Minutes 1231201512/31/2015
LifePath Agenda 12012015.pdfLifePath Agenda 1201201512/1/2015
LifePath Minutes 12012015.pdfLifePath Minutes 1201201512/1/2015
LifePath Agenda 10222015.pdfLifePath Agenda 1022201510/22/2015
LifePath Minutes 10222015.pdfLifePath Minutes 1022201510/22/2015
LifePath Agenda 10152015.pdfLifePath Agenda 1015201510/15/2015
LifePath Minutes 10152015.pdfLifePath Minutes 1015201510/15/2015
LifePath Minutes 09292015.pdfLifePath Minutes 092920159/29/2015
LifePath Agenda 09292015.pdfLifePath Agenda 092920159/29/2015