Drilling down into the numbers

​We've posted what some folks refer to as "li​ne item" budget figures ​for Collin County, in spreadsheet form.*  Before you dive into this file, however, we wanted to pass along some information that might help make this large chain of data more navigable and understandable. This document includes the Adopted, Adjusted and Actual Budget for each year, going back to Fiscal Year 2014. 

A Few Parameters

  • The Adopted Budget does not include bond funds.
  • The Adjusted Budget includes so-called "carry-forwards," funding carried from the previous budget year into the next fiscal year, as well as new bond projects created due to the sale of bonds for that year.
  • The Actuals include all expenditures for that particular fiscal year. The bond projects are budgeted on a "project-to-date" basis, whereas the rest of the budget is "fiscal year-to-date."  This means the bond funds (401-498) may appear to have exceeded their budget when, in fact, they have not. A similar situation applies to Grant Funds. The majority of the grants are budgeted on the State of Texas fiscal year (Sept. 1–Aug. 31) while Collin County's fiscal year runs from Oct. 1–Sept. 30.
  • The document you are downloading is a "fiscal year-to-date" report, based on the county's current fiscal year.
  • Despite the line-item term, please note that Collin County budgets by "category."
  • Categories are included and subtotaled on the spreadsheet.

 * (Due to some quirks in various browsers and our web platform software, you may be prompted to enter a logon and password to open the file; simply hit cancel on the prompt and the spreadsheet will load. Other browsers may just download the file automatically to your computer.)