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We created this page as to help our citizens find the county service or department they need. Collin County serves more than 800,000 people through a dozen departments and 38 elected offices, so we collected some of the most popular Frequently-Asked-Questions to help you along. Check back here perdiodically, since we’ll continue to update this page. We also have a Service Directory, Elected Officials (county only) listing, Online Services and County Departments listing if you don’t find what you need here.

... Submit a Public Information Request

... Get a copy of an arrest report, accident report, jailing or criminal record

... Get help with Child Support

... File a discrimination complaint about a county program or service

... Get a construction permit

... Calculate my Property Taxes

Collin County has a limited scope of issuing permits for building, food service, septic systems and so on – for unincorporated areas of the county only. If you need to check for a permit and live inside the city limits, check first with your city officials before contacting Developmental Services or the Fire Marshal.

... Register my business through Assumed Names (aka Doing-Business-As)

... Bid on a county contract

... Get copies of court records

We have three levels of courts in the county system: State District Courts, County Courts at Law and Justice Courts – but our look-up function serves all three. Once you locate a case, you will have to visit the clerks of that level court to see or copy the contents of the case file.

... Pay my Property Taxes

... Lookup up My Property Tax account or statement

... Get married

... Get copies of a Divorce Decree

... Get immunizations for school

... Scan county job openings

... Track my Jury Service

... Renew my Vehicle Registration​ 

... Look up a deed, lien or perform a title search of land records.

... Get my military records

... Monitor county spending of tax dollars.

... Browse more than 30 online services

... Pay traffic tickets

... File a Public Information Request

... Research or register a local business with the County Clerk.

... Report a stray, find a lost pet

... Track Sales & Auctions

... Renew my vehicle registration or get new license plates.

... Search road construction projects

... Check for unclaimed property

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