COVID-19 vaccines frequently asked questions

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March 12, 2021, UPDATE: Collin County Health Care Services has completed the run of its unified wait list and attempted to contact/vaccinate all 270,000+ individuals who signed up. However, there are some changes that are being implemented now that we are no longer using the wait list. Since the wait list is complete and the PIN system will no longer be used for Curative appointments. Moving forward individuals seeking a vaccination appointment will need to be directed to sign up for an appointment through Curative Medical Associates independently.

Curative Medical Associates Information

How do I sign up for an appointment with Curative?

  • Beginning March 12th, 2021, the Curative website will post all the available upcoming time slots it has for the next week at 10 a.m. Time slots will remain open until they are all filled. The process will then begin again the following Friday. You can check for appointment availabilty here.
What will I need to sign up for an appointment with Curative?

  • You will be asked to provide your medical insurance information; if you do not have insurance, THAT’S OKAY! Please schedule your appointment regardless of if you are insured. There will be NO COST to receive the vaccine for any individual.
  • When you arrive at your appointment, you will need to present a photo I.D. to confirm your identity. Without an I.D., it may be difficult or impossible to get your vaccination.
I’m having an issue with my Curative appointment how do I contact them?

  • You can reach the Curative helpdesk via email or phone
  • Curative Medical Associates – 1-888-702-9042 –
Where can I get the vaccine?

Second doses 

  • In most circumstances individuals will need to return to the location where they got their first dose of vaccine to get their second dose of vaccine. The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) automatically ships each location the corresponding second dose on the correct date. 

What if I traveled out of state or moved for my first dose?

If you traveled a long distance or moved in between your first and second dose, and now do not want to make the trip again or do not have the means to return back to your original vaccine provider, you will have to make new arrangements. Unfortunately, CCHCS/Curative will not be able to provide you with a vaccine. Individuals should check with local pharmacies and doctor’s offices to secure their second dose of the vaccine.

Am I eligible for the vaccine?

  • The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) is the governing organization that decides who is eligible to receive the vaccine to see the latest information on who is eligible to receive the vaccine, go here: COVID-19 Vaccine Information.
  • Individuals in a particular group will not be prioritized over another group. Curative will vaccinate individuals in 1A, 1B, or 1C at the same time.

School/TEA Mask Guidance

Can Collin County or Collin County’s health department force schools to continue masking or remove a mask mandate?

The TEA has issued a statement saying school boards have the "full authority to determine their local mask policy," and that their current practices on masks may continue unchanged.

  • The decision to continue wearing or not wearing masks at daycare facilities is up to whichever body governs that daycare. It will be the one to decide if masks are still required to be worn by students or staff.