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Local COVID-19 Hospitalizations

Vaccine Procedures & Information

We want Collin County citizens to be as informed as possible when making decisions about the health and well being for themselves and their loved ones.

  • Find in-depth information about the types of vaccines.
  • Learn more about the Texas Department of State Health Services ' (DSHS) allocation and distribution plan for the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Definitions for individuals who are categorized into groups 1A and 1B.
  • At this time, Collin County Health Care Services is administering only the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. Only individuals who meet the previous 1A and 1B criteria and are at least 18 years old will be able to receive the vaccine as we get it. Additionally, if a pregnant woman wishes to be vaccinated, she will need to bring a note from her doctor to the appointment stating that she may be vaccinated.

For healthcare workers

Healthcare workers who are unable to secure a COVID-19 vaccination through Collin County 's Health Department, the following options are as available:

  • Contact your parent hospital to request to be included in their vaccination plan.
  • Register to become a provider of the COVID-19 vaccine for your staff, patients, and/or community. You can find information on the necessary steps to enroll at the DSHS website by clicking here. The minimum quantity of vaccine that can be received as a provider is 100 doses. If you do not have 100 staff members or patients to vaccinate, it is recommended that you find other facilities in similar circumstances and register together.
  • Find a pharmacy or clinic that is already registered as a vaccine provider that is able to vaccinate your organization.

If you are a vaccine provider and your are experiencing a vaccine storage emgergency or temperature excursion related to your COVID-19 vaccine supply, please record the details of the incident on a Vaccine Storage Troubleshooting Record form. You will need to complete the steps outlined in the Handling a Temperature Excursion Guide. If you have additional problems that are not covered by this guide, call Collin County Sheriff 's Dispatch at -- 972-547-5100.