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Medicaid Program offers rides for dialysis patients

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The Medicaid Medical Transportation Program can help adults on Medicaid who need rides for dialysis treatments in Collin County.

Qualified patients are eligible for unlimited medical transportation, six days a week in Collin County, through a state Medicaid program that contracts with local providers. The program can provide cab rides or lift-vans, depending on patient needs.

Programs vary for full Medicaid patients versus those with a combination of Medicaid and Medicare benefits: 

  • Dialysis patients with Medicaid benefits only can call 1-877-633-8747, and select "Option 1" to set up medical transportation.
  • Patients with a combination of Medicare and Medicaid benefits – termed as "QMB" – may need to ask that their benefits be upgraded to "NQMB" so that they  can be eligible for medical transportation.  According to state officials, the QMB program also provides medical transportation, but has limits, and requires that the patient call "211" to see what is available -- or have their benefits upgraded. These patients can call 1-800-633-4227 for details and requirements.

Officials also note there is a process in place to reimburse family members or friends if they transport Medicaid patients to their doctor appointments.

The statewide help line number for these programs is 1-800-335-8957.

Some Collin County cities (Plano, Richardson and Garland) are part of the DART system, or contract with DART to provide transportation.  Online is the best route to find more on qualifying for and scheduling DART Paratransit Services, or call 215-515-7272.

We will update this page with more links and information from other cities as they become available.