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Health Care Services

Our mission at Collin County Health Care Services is to protect and promote the health of the people of Collin County.

We believe in the health of our community by providing quality, preventive Public Health Services to county residents. We recognize individual dignity, worth and respect the rights of all people.

We are committed to continuous improvement in patient care and we're always responsive to our community's needs. Our patients are the center of our attention, and we're always seeking ways to improve our services and the value that we bring to our community.


Texas Influenza Awareness Day is Oct. 1, 2019

Get more information at TEXASFLU.ORG

Get your family vaccinated. FightFluKeep your family strong. Vaccinate. Fight Flu.

Our Services

Disease prevention is the key to public health. We administer immunizations to children and adults.

Stopping the Flu is up to you!

Epidemiology & Surveillance
Tracking diseases and health conditions through county physicians, hospital, schools, the public, and other local, regional, and state health departments. Also, see Alert Us.

Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program
Ensuring mothers, pregnant women and their sexual partners can get crucial testing and the Hepatitis B vaccine series for preventive measures.

Tuberculosis Clinic
Testing and X-ray referral services to patients who have been exposed or are at-risk of being exposed to the TB germ. We also offer treatment services to persons who have TB and need medication.

STD/HIV Clinic
Our clinic provides comprehensive services for the screening, counseling, and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases, for qualified residents of Collin County. We strive to maintain the highest level of confidentiality in order to honor patients' rights to privacy.

WIC: Women, Infants & Children
WIC is a special supplemental food program that provides nutrition education and food vouchers for qualifying children and infants, as well as pregnant, breastfeeding, and post-partum women.

Collin County Indigent Program
This program provides health care services to qualified indigent citizens of Collin County. Proof of income and resources are required to determine eligibility. Contact us at 972-548-4702 for more information.

Primary Care Services (PrimaCare Program)
This program is a partnership between Collin County’s Health Care Services and Prima Care Medical Centers. This program is an option for families who earn less than 100% of the federal poverty guidelines and who are in need of primary or urgent care services.

Additional Health Care Assistance
Collin County helps fund non-profit health care providers and clinics throughout the area that offer a variety of health care needs from visual screenings for kids to prescription assistance to medical help for seniors. Eligible residents may apply for these benefits at the individual clinic locations listed.

Coast2Coast Rx Card
This is a free discount prescription card that provides annual savings up to 45 percent from most pharmacy chains. The Prescription Discount Card Information page provides details on the program and tells you where to get it, on- and off-line.

Alert Collin County Health Care Services
Our newly developed Alert Collin County Health Care Services website allows county residents to directly communicate with the Health Department. The public can also obtain useful information regarding human rabies vaccination, notifiable conditions, and the latest health news.

Are you ready - or not?
When a natural disaster hits, Texans need to be ready. Follow our simple step-by-step online guide to building your plan – including family strategies, handy checklists, and special needs considerations for the disabled, the elderly and pets.


Local Emergency Planning Committee

Please visit Collin County's LEPC program page for details on the Local Emergency Planning committee.

Public Information Requests

For public information requests, please review the Open Records Requests page and/or you may Email Us.


Contact Information

We are here to serve you!

Appointed Official
Candy Blair, R.N.

Health Authority
Arifa Nishat, M.D.

Sadia Siddiqui, M.D.

Chief Epidemiologist
Jawaid Asghar, MBBS, MHA, CIC

Collin County Health Care Services
Collin County McKinney Plaza Location
825 N. McDonald St., Suite 130
McKinney, TX 75069
972-548-5500 (McKinney)
972-424-1460 ext. 5500 (Metro)

Fax Nu​mbers
Tuberculosis Clinic: 972-548-5514
​Immunizations Clinic: 972-547-1812
​Employee Health Clinic: 972-547-1823
​STD Clinic: 972-547-1826
​Epidemiology: 972-548-4436
​Indigent Program: 972-547-7268

Acceptable Payment Methods:
Collin County Health Care Services accepts cash, check, Visa and MasterCard.

Medical Providers (Hospitals and Doctor Offices):
To contact our Epidemiology Department or to report notifiable conditions, please call 972-548-4707.

Additional Links & Resources

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