West Nile Virus: 5 X 5

How can you help keep mosquitoes out of your neighborhood this summer? Simple:

First, get rid of any standing water around the outside of your house. It’s there, in birdbaths, empty pots and planters, clogged rain gutters — anywhere water can accumulate from rain or sprinklers.

Second, practice 5x5:

Encourage five neighbors to the left of you and five neighbors to the right of you to do the same thing.

Five by five. Get it? And when your neighbors also practice 5x5, pretty soon your whole neighborhood, then surrounding neighborhoods, and eventually your whole town is cleaning up outside to help keep mosquitoes from breeding and setting up house around you.

It’s a big project for such a little pest, but remember that mosquitoes spread West Nile Virus, and that’s a big problem. So doing a little clean up and asking a few others to do it too doesn't seem so trivial now, does it?

Check out this PSA about standing water and 5x5.

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