Influenza Reports

The following periodic reports are released as needed by Collin County’s Health Authority regarding Influenza. If you have any questions about these reports, please contact Dr. Jawaid Asghar, chief epidemiologist.

For additional Influenza statistics, you can refer to the CDC Weekly Influenza Surveillance Reports or the Texas DSHS Influenza Surveillance Information websites.

2019 MMWR 47 Flu Report.pdf2019 MMWR 47 Flu Report12/3/2019
2019 MMWR 46 Flu Report Updated.pdf2019 MMWR 46 Flu Report Updated12/3/2019
2019 MMWR 45 Flu Report.pdf2019 MMWR 45 Flu Report11/18/2019
2019 MMWR 44 Flu Report Updated.pdf2019 MMWR 44 Flu Report Updated11/18/2019
2019 MMWR 43 Flu Report.pdf2019 MMWR 43 Flu Report11/5/2019
2019 MMWR 41 Flu Report.pdf2019 MMWR 41 Flu Report10/21/2019
2019 MMWR 40 Flu Report.pdf2019 MMWR 40 Flu Report10/14/2019
2019 MMWR 22 Flu Report.pdf2019 MMWR 22 Flu Report6/7/2019