Alert Collin County Health Care Services

The purpose of this Web page is to give Collin County residents a way to communicate with the Health Department regarding potential health threats.

Report Food Poisoning
This option takes residents to a secure website at Michigan State University to report possible cases of food-borne illnesses. A form can be filled out for either a new illness or to add information to an existing case. The submitted illness report will be read by the Collin County Health Department Epidemiologist.

Report West Nile Concerns
Residents can fill out a form to report concerns about West Nile virus, such as standing water, illegal dumping or increased mosquito activity. The Collin County Health Department Epidemiologist can then investigate or notify appropriate county officials to take care of any reported problems.

Human Rabies Vaccinations
This page provides residents with information regarding human rabies vaccination. Available information includes when to contact your physician and what you need to do to obtain the vaccine from the Health Department.

Epidemiology & Disease Reporting
Residents can obtain a list of diseases that must be reported to local state authorities, including information regarding when to report these diseases and additional helpful links.

Health News
Residents can obtain the latest health news from the Centers for Disease Control regarding potential health threats in the U.S. and around the world.


MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS (Hospitals & Physician Offices):
To contact our Epidemiology Department or to report notifiable conditions, please call (972) 548-4707.

Information on this site should not be taken as a substitute for Medical Advice. All information submitted to this site is protected and not released to the public.