2018-2019 Historical Grants


A total of 102 historical preservation and education projects have received grants since 2009 totaling $260,250 (including the 2018-2019 grants).

Included in that list are projects from seventeen different cemetery associations (or historical societies for historical cemetery projects), including two new cemetery association applicants this year.

In addition, there have been six Emergency Fund grants awarded totaling $13,100.

2018-2019 CCHC Grant Recipients

There is a total of $25,000 in the grant fund this year.     

Fifteen applicants requested $48,414.32. 

The Collin County Commissioners Court approved fourteen grant applicants for $25,000:

Historic Preservation: Allen Heritage Guild  

Farmhouse: Wrap Around Porch

Requested $5,000      Granted $2,000

The Farmhouse was the last one in Allen, which came with a barn and shed.  The barn has been removed and the Guild is diligently working to restore the farmhouse as money allows. The Farmhouse is located in the Allen Heritage Village and will be named the Lane-Carroll House.  A fundraising campaign put a new roof, restored the dormer windows, and cleaned up the interior of the structure.  The Guild has partially funded he demolition of the wrap around porch and enclosed bathroom that was at the farmhouse. The next step is to replace the wrap around porch at the farmhouse, which wraps around two sides and will need to be completely removed and replaced. The purpose of the project is to show farm life in the early part of the 20th century.


Historic Preservation: Cemetery Association of Murphy

Decatur/Maxwell/Murphy Cemetery Tombstone Preservation Project  

Requested $5,325.25   Granted $3,000

All of the tombstones at the Maxwell Cemetery continue to deteriorate due to time, exposure to the elements, damage to equipment, and vandalism.  The association has chosen 13 of the most urgent stones for this grant request. The detailed reports for each stone are listed in the attachments but include: fixing broken stones, cleaning the stones with a special process (stones are very porous and mold and other biological microbes have infiltrated the stones, which damages the stones), leveling stones so they won't fall over and fixing the joints between pieces of the monuments because they have deteriorated with time. The tombstones in this cemetery are a true asset to Murphy and Collin County history.


Historic Preservation:  Chambersville Cemetery Association   

Marker Repair, Cleaning, and Leveling of Monuments  

Requested $5,000     Granted   $3,000

The Chambersville Cemetery has been in operation since 1853 and is located at the intersection County Road 206 and 281.The board of the Chamberville Cemetery Association, using conservation prioritized repair recommendations provided the Texas Cemetery Restoration LLC under the leadership of James Brenner is undertaking a project to repair, level and clean monuments in the Cemetery. Community involvement would be encouraged by using the contact data base of community and family members to silicate additional funding to repair, level and clean family monuments.  Weather permitting the project will begin in October 2018 and be completed in April 2019. By restoring monuments in the cemetery, a since of community pride and its impact in our county, region, and state will be accomplished. 


Historic PreservationAnna Area Historic Preservation Society   

Anna Train Depot Restoration        

Requested $5,000   Grant $500.00

The 1885 Anna Depot belongs to the Anna Area Historical Preservation Society.   The Anna Depot moved to a new location this year in order for additional remodeling to be done.  The Anna Depot is 20 feet wide by 32 feet 8 inches plus a 4 feet x 8 feet and a 6 inch bay window at the south end of the depot. The Anna Area Historic Preservation Society has been working on the building to prepare its move to its new location. Funds from the 2016 grant was used for exterior work and a new roof.  The new location is the historic Sherley Store which was a baseball field.  Restoration work will continue for the depot in 2019. At last the building has been moved to a permanent location where the Anna Depot will eventually serve as a museum and educational facility.      


Historic Preservation and Education:   Heard Craig Center for the Arts  

Oral History Project   

Requested $1,800   Grant   $1,000

The Heard Craig Center for the Arts would like to conduct the second phase of an oral history project to capture first-person accounts of history made between 1920 and 1950.  The oral history project would involve conducting interviews, videotaping the interviewees, preparing the findings of the information in summary transcripts, and make the oral history records available to other Collin County entities.    Five people who lived in Collin County between 1920 and 1950 will be interviewed.   The interviewer will be Cathy Apple, author of the Heard Legacy.  The goal is to gather first person observations of county and great events.  Another goal is to hear the stories that shaped the City, County and the nation (if applicable to Texas).


Historic Preservation:  Elm Grove Historical Cemetery Association   

Marker Repair, Cleaning and Leveling of Monuments  

Requested   $5,000     Grant $3,000

The Elm Grove Cemetery has been in use since 1859.  It is located in Collin County about five miles east of Anna just off FM 2862 and is an active cemetery. Cemetery records show 187 burials prior to 1900.  Because of age and neglect some of the markers are in need of repair or restoration.  Among the early historic family names are Roland, Shields, Fields, Ballard, Griffin, and Hendricks. The oldest part of the cemetery is in the southeast corner and is approximately one acre.  Phase 1 of the Restoration project had 111 gravestones completed by McWilliams Curbing and Leveling on March 18, 2018. The Cemetery Association is committed to phase 2 of the next Restoration project for marker repair, cleaning and leveling.  The main goal of the association is to care for the markers and the graves of the early settlers of Collin County and their descendants who are buried in Elm Grove Historical Cemetery.  


Historic Preservation: Heritage Association of Frisco  

The Beginning of Frisco: Emerson and the Importance of the 1902 Griffin Lot Auction Flyer 

 Requested $1,221.81    Granted $1,000

The project began when volunteers were reviewing archival documents in the Heritage Association of Frisco collection and found a paper document in poor condition which was a 1902 Griffin Lot Auction Flyer. The Griffin addition becomes Frisco and the purpose of the project is to preserve the Griffin Flyer which maybe the only flyer.  One of the objectives of the project is to professionally conserve the flyer through an intervention process that stabilizes the damage and prevent further inherent deterioration caused by the composition.   Another goal is to environmentally conserve the document by purchasing and installing a small room dehumidifier that controls the humidity in the storage room. Ms. Tish Brewer a conservator of paper documents at the Center for Art Conservation in Dallas has been selected to conserve the document.   In a sense the preserved document will become a master copy of a copy that could be copied for using emerging technology and then shared with others in a historically beneficial manner. The rarity of the Griffin flyer peaks to the need for preservation.


Historic Education and Preservation: Heritage Farmstead Association dba Heritage Farmstead Museum

Conservation of Miss Ammie Wilson's Cowboy Boots   

Requested $2,500       Granted $2,000

The Heritage Museum of Plano and the Farrell-Wilson house are commonly associated with "Miss Ammie" Wilson and her prizewinning sheep business.  Her daily attire consisted of western-style pants, shirts with pearl snaps, a large Stetson hat and several pair of boots.  Regrettably, only a single pair of these boots is known to exist and is a prized part of the museum's collection.  The fifty year old ostrich leather with colorful floral inserts are in a serious state of deterioration. The leather is degrading, flaking, and crumbling with numerous loose and detached pieces. The museum has secured a professional conservator to conserve Ammie's boots. Ammie was the only female sheep breeder in Texas and had one of the largest flocks in the United States. The Heritage Farmstead Museum is planning an exhibit in the spring of 2019 to highlight "Miss Ammie.


Historic Preservation:   Heritage Guild of Collin County: Chestnut Square Village  

Restoration of Dulaney House Floors, Past Perfect Collections Program and Laptop  

Requested $3,710   Granted $1,000

 The Dulaney House was restored in 2017 and boasts meeting rooms, party/event space, the permanent Dulaney Family Exhibit, seasonal exhibits, pharmacy display and the Communications Room. The floors of the Dulaney House have never had any restoration work done making them only original to the 102 year old home. The floors are in poor condition and need both sanding and finishing.  Restoring the downstairs floors and stairs will make a significant difference in the presentation of Chestnut Square Village's cornerstone home. Preserving the floors is important to the preservation of the entire home to which the Heritage Guild is committed.  Funds were granted for the Dulaney House floors.   


Historic Preservation: The Plano Conservancy for Historic Preservation  

Wayside Sign for the Bush-Elkin Cemetery  

Requested $1,488   Granted $1,200

The Bush-Elkin Cemetery is located just northeast of the intersection of Custer Road and SH 121 in McKinney.  It is a small, private cemetery dating back to 1855 that was founded by William Martin Bush after his wife Nancy died.  Kenny Bush is in the process of restoring the cemetery.  The project The Conservancy is aiming to complete is to have a wayside sign made and installed to provide information for visitors or neighbors to learn about the historic cemetery. Many new grave markers have been placed and a new black iron fence is around it.  The sign is a 36"w x 24"h in full color fiberglass panel attached to an in-ground aluminum mount.  The sign and mount will be made and shipped by Hopewell Manufacturing of Waynesboro, PA.  Wayside side signs have been installed in Old City, Davis, Bethany, Baccus, Plano Mutual, Bowman, Collingsworth, Leach, and Rowlett Creek Cemeteries.  The Conservancy is familiar with and confident in the quality of the sign and their ability to provide information to those visiting the cemetery.


Historic Preservation: Routh Cemeteries Association  

Preserve Gravestones  

Requested $5,000    Granted $3,000

The mission of the Association is to preserve and protect the Jacob Routh Cemetery and the larger Routh Pioneer Cemetery in Collin County. Until the beginning of 2018, the two Routh Cemeteries had been hidden deep in the Routh Woods in the area of what is now known as Spring Creek Nature Area.  It is bounded by Routh Creek Parkway and Glenville Drive.   The grant would allow the organization to hire Texas Cemetery Restoration LLC to begin leveling, repairing, and cleaning individual monuments that have been identified as needing immediate attention.  Of the 30 monuments standing, 15 have that designated top priority. Many of the remaining tombstones, which have broken and fallen onto the ground, have been encased in cement. The JPI Corporation has built 420 apartment units abound the two cemeteries and has agreed to provide retaining walls and stone base topped with a wrought iron fence around both cemeteries. Communication will continue between the JPI Corporation and Routh Cemeteries Association in the future.   


Historic Preservation: Snow Hill Cemetery Association   

Headstone and Marker Restoration   

Requested $3,608    Grant   $3,200

Snow Hill Cemetery is located on County Road 621, between Blue Ridge and Farmersville in Collin County.  The 5,978 acre cemetery has approximately 325 marked graves, with an unknown number of unmarked graves. The earliest marked burial is dated 1855.  Continuing the marker preservation project that began last year, the cemetery association has chosen ten markers in need of preservation.  The Texas Cemetery Restoration LLC has been contacted to do the restoration project. One marker belongs to a Confederate veteran who died at age 53 in 1878.  The grave site of a young physician who died in 1891 at the age of 29 is enclosed by a sturdy iron fence with an ornate gate.  Of the ten markers, four mark the graves of five children.  Another belongs to a young wife who passed away at age 22. All ten markers are over 100 years old. Our goal is to restore and preserve historic markers, providing education and awareness of our country and county historical heritage for current and future generations. 


Historic Education: Tri-Cities Coalition of Historical Societies   

Cotton, Farm to Market Event  

Requested $2,216.87   Grant $600.00

The Tri-Cities Coalition consists of the historical societies of Murphy, Sachse and Wylie.  The Murphy Historical Society has taken the lead in the organization of event.  The "Cotton, Farm to Market Event" is scheduled September 22, 2018 or alternate October 6, 2018 and will be held at the Sachse Museum instead of the Craig Jones farm who is a descendent of Sachse and Herring families.  The targeted audience is children of the communities in grades K-6, and our estimated attendance is approximately 100 students.  Although this is anticipated as a one-time event, the societies are developing permanent exhibits with photos, posters artifacts, and activities to be used for future programs in each of the communities.  Some of the activities include: seeding and carding cotton, seed bed cotton planting, cotton ball crafts, spinning and weaving cotton, storytelling, historical actors, sack races, and music of the times.  Children can dress in hats, bonnets, or aprons and be photographed on a tractor or a mock-up caboose.


Historic Education:  Wylie Historical Society   

Brochure for downtown Wylie     

Requested $ 544.39    Grant    $500.00

In 2014, the Wylie Historical Society was awarded a grant from the Collin County Historical Commission to design and print a brochure for a self-guided walking tour of downtown Wylie.  The proposed budget will update the brochure. It will include a new site, the Santa Fe Rail Depot, with its new historical marker issued by the Collin County Historical Commission.  Other sites will reflect new research from the historic assets survey in Wylie. The size and design elements of the brochure will remain the same, thereby reducing production costs.  In addition to distributing   copies of the brochures, it is will also be made available to download on line.  Wylie Historical Society is considering a Google Maps virtual tour of downtown using the research and site descriptions already in place.