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Members, Meetings and Minutes

The Collin County Historical Commission (CCHC) is the official local arm of the Texas Historical Commission, and receives Collin County funding to serve as the umbrella organization for all historical preservation and education groups within the county. The commission currently has twenty members nominated by the members of the Commissioners Court and representing all four quadrants of Collin County. The commission holds regular meetings on the last Thursday evening of each month beginning at 6:30 pm.

Commission Members:

Who we are:

Donna Jenkins, Chair

Naomi Emmett, Treasurer

Jan Thatcher, Secretary

Alfred Arias

Becky Airhart-Smith

Catherine Casavant

Larry Collins

Joy Gough

Linda Hess

Clyde Kerley

Chris Kupa-Downs

Lolisa Laenger

Diane Miller

Kim Peat

Janice Quick

Paula Ross

Marianne Wells

Eric Nishimoto (County liaison)


CCHC has formed the following committees to conduct its business:

  • Strategic Long-Range Planning
  • Finance
  • Grants Program
  • Historical Markers: County and State
  • Historical Property Tax Abatements
  • Workshops
  • Historical Asset Survey
  • Children’s Education
  • Preservation Celebration
  • Archives
  • Communications/Public Relations
Historical Commission Agenda 10-25-18.pdfHistorical Commission Agenda 10-25-1810/24/2018 8:04 AM
Historical Commission Agenda 09-27-18.pdfHistorical Commission Agenda 09-27-189/27/2018 9:20 AM
CCHC Minutes 07.26.18.pdfCCHC Minutes 07.26.189/11/2018 9:00 AM
CCHC Minutes 06-28-18.pdfCCHC Minutes 06-28-188/1/2018 8:50 AM
CCHC Minutes 05-31-18.pdfCCHC Minutes 05-31-188/1/2018 8:49 AM
CCHC Minutes 04-26-18.pdfCCHC Minutes 04-26-186/6/2018 8:44 AM
CCHC Minutes 03-29-18.pdfCCHC Minutes 03-29-186/6/2018 8:44 AM
CCHC Minutes 02-22-18.pdfCCHC Minutes 02-22-186/6/2018 8:44 AM
CCHC Minutes 01-25-18.pdfCCHC Minutes 01-25-183/27/2018 12:49 PM
CCHC Minutes 12-07-17.pdfCCHC Minutes 12-07-173/27/2018 12:49 PM
CCHC Minutes 09-28-17.pdfCCHC Minutes 09-28-1710/31/2017 8:46 AM
Historical Commission Agenda 10-26-17.pdfHistorical Commission Agenda 10-26-1710/23/2017 9:39 AM
CCHC Minutes 08-31-17.pdfCCHC Minutes 08-31-1710/16/2017 8:22 AM
CCHC Minutes 07-27-17.pdfCCHC Minutes 07-27-1710/16/2017 8:22 AM
Historical Commission Agenda 08-31-17.pdfHistorical Commission Agenda 08-31-178/28/2017 8:50 AM
Historical Commission Agenda 07-27-17.pdfHistorical Commission Agenda 07-27-177/24/2017 9:18 AM
Historical Commission Agenda 06-29-17.pdfHistorical Commission Agenda 06-29-176/26/2017 8:07 AM
Historical Commission Agenda 05-25-17.pdfHistorical Commission Agenda 05-25-175/22/2017 8:14 AM
Historical Commission Agenda 04-27-17.pdfHistorical Commission Agenda 04-27-174/24/2017 8:05 AM
Historical Commission Agenda 03-30-17.pdfHistorical Commission Agenda 03-30-173/28/2017 8:31 AM
Historical Commission Agenda 12-8-16.pdfHistorical Commission Agenda 12-8-1612/9/2016 10:27 AM
Historical Commission Minutes July 28, 2016.pdfHistorical Commission Minutes July 28, 20168/26/2016 11:51 AM
Historical Commission Agenda Aug 25, 2016.pdfHistorical Commission Agenda Aug 25, 20168/22/2016 1:01 PM
Historical Commission Minutes June 30, 2016.pdfHistorical Commission Minutes June 30, 20168/9/2016 3:38 PM
Historical Commission Agenda July 29, 2016.pdfHistorical Commission Agenda July 29, 20167/25/2016 12:50 PM
Historical Commission Minutes May 26, 2016.pdfHistorical Commission Minutes May 26, 20167/14/2016 11:09 AM
Historical Commission Minutes Apr 28, 2016.pdfHistorical Commission Minutes Apr 28, 20167/14/2016 11:08 AM
Historical Commission Minutes Mar 31, 2016.pdfHistorical Commission Minutes Mar 31, 20167/14/2016 11:08 AM
Historical Commission Minutes Feb 25, 2016.pdfHistorical Commission Minutes Feb 25, 20167/14/2016 11:07 AM
Historical Commission Minutes Jan 28, 2016.pdfHistorical Commission Minutes Jan 28, 20167/14/2016 11:05 AM
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