Professional Awards & Publications

The following is a list of professional awards and publications that either have been presented to or have featured the Collin County Information Technology department.


  • TAGITM Excellence Award – Paperless Initiative
  • Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation 2017 Innovations in American Government Award, Semifinalist - Voter Line Wait Mobile Application


  • Best of Texas - Judicial Online Search
  • SCAUG Best of Show – US 75 Corridor – Retail Trade Analysis 2002-2014 Map
  • Esri Map Book Volume 31 – US 75 Corridor Retail Trade Analysis, 2002-2014


  • Laserfiche Run Smarter Award – Outstanding Records Management Practices
  • MCCi Excellence Award – Enterprise Solution
  • SCAUG 1st Place - Collin County Tollway Corridor Valuation 2003-2015 Map
  • SCAUG 2nd Place - Plano Paddling Trail Map
  • Esri Map Book Volume 30 – Justices of the Peace – Caseload Inputs and Precinct Planning


  • Best of Texas – Mobile Voter Line Wait v2
  • SCAUG 3rd Place - Justices of the Peace – Workload Origination Map


  • TAGITM Excellence Award – Mobile Voter Line Wait v1
  • SCAUG 2nd Place - Wylie Fire Response Map
  • SCAUG 3rd Place - Collin County Municipalities and Roads Map


  • MCCi Municipal Code Corporation Leadership Recognition Award
  • TAGITM Excellence Award for Technology Eases Overtime and Jail Population Awarded to Collin County
  • IBM Publication for Enterprise Architect Management
  • Laserfiche Institute Publication for Enterprise Content Management
  • SCAUG 3rd Place – Recreating Early Twentieth Century Census Districts For Genealogical Research Map


  • Best of Web Award from Center for Digital Government
  • TAGITM Website Innovation Award Presented to Collin County
  • Government Technology Magazine 2009 Texas CIO of the Year Award
  • NACo (National Associations of Counties) Technology Innovation Award
  • Run Smarter Laserfiche Award Honoring Collin County
  • Esri Map Book Volume 24 – Wylie Fire and Rescue Actual Response Times, ISO Mitigation Analysis – Drive Distance


  • Texas Association of Counties - Best Practices Achievement Award - Collin County Emergency Communication Committee Project
  • The Texas House of Representatives - Congratulations to Collin County IT Department for the Texas Association of Counties’ Best Practices Award
  • SCAUG 1st Place – Best Application – Collin County Interactive Map


  • TAGITM Excellence Award for Collin County Fiber Project
  • SCAUG 1st Place in Two Categories – Westminster Tornado Map
  • Esri Map Book Volume 22 – County Redistricting Analysis


  • Esri Map Book Volume 20 – Line of Sight Analysis for Wireless Network

In addition to these awards and publications, many speaking engagements and newspaper articles have featured the Collin County Information Technology department's achievements.