Frequently Asked Questions

If I have questions or concerns about COVID-19, who do I contact?                                                              Call or email Jury Services at 972-548-4315(McKinney); 972-424-1460 ext. 4315 or

How do I check my summons status prior to the date I am requested to appear?
Jurors may check the reporting status after 5 p.m. on the workday prior to the requested date of service by going to

If circumstances beyond my control prevent me from appearing on my scheduled date and I cannot reach the department that morning, will a warrant be issued for my arrest?
No, you will not be arrested. You may call our office any time or send an email of explanation to the Jury Services Department and you will be assisted by one of our jury clerks in a timely manner.

Why am I unable to get through by telephone to Jury Services during jury selection days?
During the jury selection process the Jury Services staff will be unavailable so we may process jurors as efficiently as possible. Most questions may be answered by viewing the entire questionnaire/summons (front/back or page 1&2).

What is the dress code when serving jury duty?
Business appropriate dress is required in our courts. Please do not wear shorts, uniforms, scrubs, extremely worn, torn or other inappropriate clothing. Inappropriate attire will cause you to be rescheduled and required to return for another date of service.

May I bring food or drink?
Food and drink are not allowed in the Central Jury Room. If you choose to bring drinks or snacks the items must be kept closed and may be consumed in the hallway during any provided breaks. Food/drink will are not acceptable in any court room.

Is Internet access available?
Access to free public Wi-Fi is provided by the County and will be available for use while in the Central Jury Room. Power outlets are very limited so please be prepared to operate on battery power.

When serving jury duty, will there be a lot of waiting involved?
It is possible you may have to wait in the Central Jury Room or outside a courtroom for an indefinite period of time. This is not “wasted time,” because the immediate availability of a jury panel frequently motivates the parties of a trial to negotiate and settle a case without a trial. Free Wi-Fi and television are available while in the Central Jury room and we encourage you to bring a book or other reading material.

Where do I park? Is there a fee for parking?
The Bloomdale Courthouse offers plenty of free available parking. Handicapped parking is available.

Will I be required to go through security screening at the courthouse?
Yes. No weapons or objects that could poke, stab, or cut are allowed in the courthouse facilities. This includes pocket knives, scissors, knitting needles, etc. Cameras are also prohibited.

Laptops, cellphones, smartphone, tablets and other personal electronic devices will NOT be damaged by the scanner and may be brought into the courthouse.

When will I be paid for my jury services?
All jurors who are checked in for jury service will receive $6 for the first day. Jurors who report for service beyond the first day of jury duty will receive $40 for each day served. A check will be mailed to you 4-6 weeks after your service has been completed. Your check is not valid after 60 days.

Can I be permanently excused from jury duty?
Yes, if you are 70 years of age or older OR do not reside in Collin County. These exemptions may be found on the reverse side of your questionnaire or under the excuses/disqualifications link on the left-hand side within the eJuror Online Jury Services system. You may also be permanently excused for mental or physical disability ONLY if you provide documentation from your doctor.

Is it true I may donate my jury pay to one of several organizations?
Yes, on your questionnaire you may designate where you would like your pay donated from the list of organizations provided or you may tell the Jury Clerk on the day of your service. Pre-designated organizations provide services to those affected by the judicial system.

Can a person serve as a juror if he/she has a theft or felony?
A person is disqualified if they have been convicted of any theft or a felony, is under indictment or other legal accusation(s) for theft or felony.

A person is NOT disqualified as a result of a theft charge or a felony if:

  1. The person has successfully completed a deferred adjudication;
  2. The person has completed a term of probation and the conviction has been dismissed under Tex. Code Crim. Proc. Ann. art. 42.12 & 20.

Where does Jury Services obtain the names of prospective jurors?
Jurors are randomly selected from a list of Collin County residents created by the State of Texas that combines voter registration and Texas Department of Public Safety records. Although we do our best, duplicate records may occur.

Why have I been called to serve in Collin County?    
Jury service is an important part of civic life for a citizen of the United States. It provides for a trial of peers for those accused. Residents of Collin County are required by law to serve as jurors for District, County and Justice of the Peace courts. County limits include portions of Dallas, Richardson and other surrounding cities. 

Must jurors be paid by their employers while serving jury duty?
No, please contact your employer regarding their policy for jury service. It is a violation of state law for an employee to be terminated for serving jury duty pursuant to Civil Practice & Remedies Code Sec. 122.001 Juror’s Right to Reemployment; Notice of Intent to Return.

Do I have to serve if I know I will not be selected because of my occupation?
All qualified residents are required to serve regardless of their occupation. For example: nurses, doctors, teachers and police officers are not automatically exempt or disqualified because of their profession. Judges must also appear for jury duty when summoned.