Payments Online

NOTE: If you are paying your fine after business hours and you have an active warrant on your case, your warrant will not be recalled until the next business day.


NOTE: A $6 convenience fee will be added to your total balance due when paying online.

NOTE: If you are a juvenile you will not have the ability to pay online. You will need to come into the office to make your payment if using a credit/debit card.

NOTE: If you have previously entered a plea of Not Guilty and would like to pay your fine instead, you will need to contact the Court.

NOTE: If you would like to request Defensive Driving or Deferred Adjudication for your ticket then you will need to contact the Court BEFORE making a payment online.

To make a payment online, search for your case using the Justice Court Case Search. Once you find and view the details of your case, a "Make Payment" button will be available on the right side of the screen.