Justice of the Peace: Precinct 1 - Judge Raleeh

Judge Paul Raleeh 

Judge Paul Raleeh is the presiding Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1, currently serving his fifth consecutive four-year term.

Judge Raleeh prides himself on a constant devotion to making the court available to the public and ensures that he and his court staff provide optimal customer service.  He has turned off voicemail in his office during business hours, so that customers will always speak to a real person for assistance, rather than an automated system.

Always looking for new and innovative ways to help the Courts and the community, Judge Raleeh has:

  • Started a program that allows people to buy out their community service hours by providing food to the Food Pantry or homeless shelter;
  • Created a Night Court at no additional cost to the taxpayers; and,
  • Became the first -- and only --  court that opened up its financial records and posted them online, including the court's checkbook, internal audits and detailed budget.

The judge began his law enforcement career for the City of McKinney In 1985, where he served as a criminal investigator assigned to crimes against persons.  During that time, he won several awards and was named the City Employee of the Month, twice.  In 1991 he joined the Collin County Sheriff's Office as a criminal investigator and received several awards and special recognition from Sheriff Terry Box for his work. 

When the Justice of the Peace for Precinct 1 announced his retirement, Judge Raleeh ran and won the election, taking office in January 1999.

He is a past Board member of the McKinney Chamber of Commerce, a former member of the board for the McKinney Council for Chemical Awareness, member of the McKinney Lions Club, and Board member of the Collin County Bail Bond Board. Judge Raleeh was also appointed by the Collin County Commissioners Court as the Administrative Judge for all Collin County Justice Courts, the past President of the Justice Court Judges Association of Texas, and was profiled by Inside Collin County Business as a member of the 21-for-21 Club.

The judge is married to Melanie, who is an Elementary School Principal in the McKinney Independent School District. He has three children and is a member of McKinney First United Methodist Church. The judge studied at Southwest Texas State University (currently Texas State University) and Collin College.