Detention Center Admissions


At intake, the Juvenile and his/her parents will be given a copy of procedures, level system, and discipline guidelines used in the Long-Term Unit. The Juvenile will be required to follow all rules and procedures of Detention. Failure to follow procedures will result in a loss of privileges in the Level System. Non-compliance with rules and procedures is a violation of the Court's order. The Juvenile and the intake officer will sign the admission form stating that the juvenile has had read to him and understands what is expected while he/she is in the Long-Term Unit. The Juvenile will surrender his/her clothing, jewelry, and shoes. Within twenty-four hours of admission, all male juveniles will receive a regulation haircut and shave any facial hair. If possible, this will be done at the time of admission. This level of grooming will be maintained during the entire stay in the Unit. The Juvenile will then be admitted to the Post Adjudication Long-Term Unit and placed on Level Three.


Every Juvenile will begin each day with 50 points unless they are on Level 5. Days spent on levels 4 and 5 do not count toward completion of the program. To successfully complete the level system the Juvenile must maintain at least 42 points per day for the designed time frame for levels 1,2, and 3. Those time frames are as listed.

  • Level 3-Entry level-60 days
  • Level 2-45 days
  • Level 1-30 days

The Level System for the Juvenile in the Sex Offender Program are:

  • Level 3-Entry level-120 days
  • Level 2-90 days
  • Level 1-60 days

If the 42 point minimum is not maintained for over 10 days on Level 3, 5 days on Level 2 or 2 days on Level 1, the Juvenile will be dropped to the next level or start over on the current level. This decision will be made by the staff and the superintendent. For the Sex Offender Program the number of days is doubled.


While in Post Adjudication Long Term Detention each juvenile will attend school a minimum of 4 hours each day. These educational services are provided by the McKinney Independent School District. Juveniles are expected to attend and participate in all educational programs.


Counseling services in Post Adjudication Detention, which is provided by in-house services, include a psychological evaluation upon admission including a treatment plan for each child. Program activities include 10 hours of group counseling, weekly individual sessions and family sessions every other week. Parents or guardians are expected to participate in the family sessions. Education is provided about life skills, healthy family functioning, adaptive coping strategies, HIV/Aids awareness and other programs with an emphasis on chemical dependency and substance abuse issues.

Counseling for the Sex Offender Program is explained in detail under Programs.