Detention Center Medical Services


If the superintendent of the Detention Center believes any juvenile is in need of immediate medical attention, he may require that person to submit to a medical examination.

A medical consent form shall be signed by the Juvenile's parent, guardian or conservator at the time of admission to the detention center. Immunizations shall be up to date and documented. A current TB test shall be included.

There is a nurse on site 12 hours per day and a nurse is available to examine the juveniles upon request 24 hours a day. Upon advice from the nurse or in an emergency the juvenile will be transported by detention staff to the McKinney Regional Medical Center in McKinney, Texas. These services will be provided by Collin County. In the case of a major medical need such as surgery, the child's parents, guardian or custodian will be responsible for medical expenses. Medical Services for detained youth are provided through a contract basis with CHM.

Prescription medication must be sealed by the pharmacy with pharmacist's initials and number of pills in the bottle. The prescription must be current within the last 30 days. All medications once received are given to the nurse. All medications are administered by the nurse on duty.



If your child requires medication while in detention, the following procedure must be followed in order for detention staff to accept the medication:

  1. All medication must be filled within 30 days, and a current prescription must be provided.
  2. The medication must be counted by the pharmacist and the container sealed and initialed by the pharmacist. Medication will also be accepted in bubble packaging.
  3. Detention Staff will ask parents or guardians to sign a medication acceptance form.