Magistrate Court

Magistrate Court Seal

Collin County Magistrate Court
Collin County Adult Detention Center
4300 Community Ave., Suite B1107
McKinney, TX 75071

Honorable Lisa Bronchetti, Magistrate Judge

972-547-5485 (McKinney)
972-424-1460 ext. 5485 (Metro)

NOTE: Do not attempt to contact a Judge by mail, email, phone or in person about any pending or potential lawsuit.

All motions and hearing requests should be submitted to the Criminal District Clerk:

Criminal District Clerk
Russell A. Steindam Courts Building, 3rd Floor
2100 Bloomdale Rd.
McKinney, TX 75071

Inquiries of the Magistrate Court can be made via email at:

Magistrate Lead Clerk
Carmel Gomez

Role of Magistrate Court

The primary responsibilities of the Collin County Magistrate Court include advising the defendants of their rights, determining probable cause, setting bond, and issuing warrants in criminal cases. The Magistrate may also issue and enforce bond conditions.

A defendant is considered to be a person charged with a crime. The Magistrate Court does not determine guilt or innocence in criminal cases. Our Judges and staff are committed to the concepts of excellence, fair justice and mutual respect. 

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