Northeast Texas Rural Rail District

Collin County has recently become a member county of the Northeast Texas Rural Rail District (NETEX). For more information regarding NETEX, please visit the Black Lands Railroad: Northeast Texas Rural Rail District​ web page.

NETEX is considering reestablishing the rail that was abandoned and removed in Collin County and parts of Hunt County in early 1990s. A study is currently being conducted by Texas A&M - Commerce to determine the feasibility of replacing the rail and its economic impact to the Northeast Texas region.

In conjunction with NETEX and Texas A&M - Commerce, Collin County has participated in four data acquisition and mapping projects that are part of the feasibility study.

NETEX Study Area

The following map identifies the NETEX study area. This will be the area of focus for economic impact of the NETEX Rural Rail System.

NETEX Study Area

NETEX Adjacent Owners & Right-Of-Way Obstructions Project

The purpose of this project was to identify all of the property owners adjacent to the abandoned NETEX Right-Of-Way. Collin & Hunt Central Appraisal District data was acquired to perform the following analysis. The maps illustrates all of the owners in there respective counties along the abandoned portion of the NETEX Rural Rail System and an overview of the abandoned portion the NETEX Rural Rail System. There were three obstructions identified in this project.

NETEX Right-Of-Way: Abandoned Rail
NETEX Right-Of-Way: Adjacent Owners

NETEX Rural Rail System & the Fourth Congressional District of Texas

The following map overlays the NETEX Rural Rail System over U.S. Representative Ralph Hall's district. NETEX & Texas A&M - Commerce wanted to verify that the entire NETEX Rural Rail System is completely contained within the Fourth Congressional District of Texas.

NETEX Rail System: Fourth Congressional District

NETEX Right-Of-Way from Lavon, TX to Wylie, TX

The NETEX Right-Of-Way section between the cities of Lavon and Wylie involves federal lands, wetlands, county roads and the Kansas City Southern Classification Yard. The following maps represent the western terminus of the NETEX Rural Rail System.

NETEX Right-Of-Way: Lavon to Wylie
NETEX Right-Of-Way: Lavon Area
NETEX Right-Of-Way: Wylie Area

Collin County Intermodal Facility

Collin County Intermodal Hub Study