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Planning Your Visit

      COVID-19 Update:
• The Collin County Farm Museum's exhibits are closed. We are not conducting tours.

  • We can only schedule for workshops or demonstrations. These workshops/demonstrations are limited to 4 households with a limit of 4 people to each household.

•  Please contact the Museum Coordinator, Jennifer Rogers, at 972-547-5752 if you have questions or would like more information about our health and safety guidelines.

Entrance Fees

   COVID-19 Update: No Walk-Ins are Permitted.

         We are not scheduling tours or exhibit programs currently. If you would like to schedule a workshop or demonstration, please review the below information:

1. Limit to 4 households with a limit of 4 people in each household. Total limit is 16 people.

2. For a private demonstration or workshop, there needs to be a minimum of 8 people.

3. All individuals must wear mask entering and exiting the facility.

4. All individuals must follow social distancing rules as well as health & safety guidelines outlined by the museum.

To Schedule Your Demonstration or Workshop:

1. Contact Jennifer Rogers at 972-547-4792 or

2. Select from the below days & times:

Tuesdays, 1 pm to 7:30 pm

Wednesdays, 9 am to 7:30 pm

Fridays, 9 am 7:30 pm

3. Indicate the demonstration or workshop you are interested in. For more information about workshop and demonstrations available, review the Program list (Coming Soon).



Programs & Exhibits
Restoration Volunteers

Restoration Volunteers commit their time and energy on Wednesdays and Saturdays to restoring the rural heritage of Collin County. Because of these dedicated individuals, the Farm Museum offers unique hands-on craft workshops and antique tractor/vehicle driving classes. Visitors also get to witness the restoration process of various projects as we progress in the Restoration Exhibit. Other exhibits include Revolution of the Harvest, The Cotton Field Workers, and a children's favorite, Wash Day.


The Rural Heritage Trail outdoor exhibits are accessible during regular park hours. The park is usually open 7:30 to 4 pm Monday through Friday. Weekend hours are not set since COVID-19. You can download the walking trail map via the link.


Myers Park and Event Center Contact Information
Location & Contact Information

Myers Park & Event Center
7117 County Road 166
McKinney, TX 75071 
972-547-5743 (Fax)

Park Staff:
Judy Moody, CPRP: Park Manager
Mark Page: Event Coordinator
Stacey Hamlin: Asst. Event Coordinator
Joanie Bishop: Secretary

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Collin County Farm Museum
Jennifer Rogers, Museum Coordinator
Wells Building @ Myers Park & Event Center
972-547-5743 (Fax)

Collin County Farm Museum is a Blue Star Museum.

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Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express (with non-refundable convenience fee paid directly to Certified Payments processing company), cash, check, or money order.